Dressing the Part: What to Wear When You Work from Home

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As a self-employed blogger with a home office of my own, one of the most helpful tips for working from home (and actually being productive) I’ve ever received is to get dressed every morning. Yes, every single morning. As comfy as they are, yoga pants and old sweatshirts don’t exactly put me in the right go-getter mindset. Since dressing down can be of the biggest upsides to working remotely, I decided to put together some tips for what to wear when you work from home that’ll keep both your dignity and the perks of your flexible position in tact. 

1. Business up top.

If you’re going to dress down, always keep it business casual up top. For example, my go-to outfit consists of a dressier top/jacket and comfy bottoms. The reasoning? If I need to jump on Skype or Facetime, I won’t be mortified. It also won’t send the wrong message to my team or coworkers. I mean, looking like I just rolled out of bed (and may or may not be watching TV and eating ice cream) isn’t the impression I want them to have.

This pink tailored blazer outfit is a classic example of what to wear when you work from home. It’s comfy and casual yet still dressy enough to work if you have to run to an emergency meeting or hop on a video call. It also has bow tie cuffs and costs less than $50. Click here to shop!

2. Party down below.

Although looking the part is still important as a visual reminder of your professionalism, a laid back dress code is one of the main reasons working from home is so ideal. While I recommend following the “business on top” guideline, I also recommend the “party down below” mentality. As long as your hair is done and you have your video calls covered, wear the comfiest pants you own. I literally live in these AG skinny ankle jeans. They’re amazingly comfy and have just the right amount of stretch. Whether you’re in jeans, leggings, culottes or yoga pants, you’ll still look and feel put together.

Also, cozy slippers go a long way. One of my greatest every day pleasures is the ability to wear slippers ALL DAY LONG. If you do end up needing to run out, you can quickly (and painlessly) throw on a nicer pair of shoes, like these peep toe mules.  

3. Invest in the basics.

One of the best things about working remotely is that you can repeat outfits as frequently as you like. Literally no one will notice. For this reason, invest in comfy basics, like blazers and chunky knit sweaters, that’ll last you a lifetime and that can be worn for other occasions, as well. If you’re not sure what to wear with a blazer, the answer is virtually anything– from a delicate cami (like this one) to a graphic t-shirt to a chunky sweater. Blazers can transform a borderline dumpy or ill-fitting look into a stylish business casual ensemble instantly. For example, I love this white chiffon cami. However, it’s a tad bit big, and it’s way too deep of a v-neck for work. I pinned the back straps with a safety pin to pull the top up a bit, and the blazer pulls it all together nicely (and hides the safety pin, too). 

Also, if you live somewhere with a particularly cold winter, it’s important to have the right coat to throw on in case you have to run out without warning. A classic camel coat is the perfect solution! Especially if you’re having a super cozy pajama day, you want to make sure the coat hides all the pink hearts and puppy dog patterns. Trust me, it’s a lot more embarrassing than it sounds to be seen as a candidate for People of Walmart.

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