Nicki Minaj Gave Cardi B A Baby Gift Worth $5,000 & Some Think It Was Shade

By now you’ve probably heard the exciting news about Cardi B’s new bundle of joy Kulture Kiari Cephus (so cute). In more recent news however, The Blast reports that in celebration of the new mama, Nicki Minaj sent Cardi a $5,000 gift basket filled with enviable, top-of-the-line baby goodies, clothing and toys.

Now, from where we are sitting, Nicki’s present sounds insanely generous. However, there is buzz going around calling the rap queen’s gift out as a form of shade. The reason for this claim? In the celeb world where money basically grows on trees, $5,000 is on the low side.

TBH, there doesn’t really seem to be any ground for shooting daggers at Nicki for her care package to Cardi. The fact of the matter is that both the amount in Nicki’s bank account and the size of her gift are irrelevant and frankly, nobody’s business. A gift is a gift and the ludicrous speculation that the "Chun-Li" rapper's actions were anything but kind and genuine is just plain uncalled for and a low attempt at stirring the pot.

So, what are we to make of all this? Let’s not get it twisted: All that went down was one woman supporting another, and that deserves nothing more than praise and respect. Drama? I think not.