Kylie Jenner Had A Luxury House Built For Her Dogs & I'm Jealous

Well, I feel pretty broke right now because Kylie Jenner just showed off the fancy-schmancy house she built for her dogs.

Though all pet lovers can relate to Kylie spoiling her pups like babies, we still can’t help but feel a little bit of envy over the canines’ new crib. In a Snapchat video, the 20-year-old businesswoman narrates her excitement over the near completion of her dogs’ new home. "You guys, my dog house is almost done. How cute,” she says. “It’s like a guest house.”

She gleefully shows viewers the outside of the adorable cottage (which includes a porch!) and gawks over the fact that the dogs' house will include air conditioning and heating amenities.


Kylie’s new doghouse 7/3/18

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Though Jenner’s generosity to her favorite furry pals does seem a tad overboard, given her past track record when it comes to spending big bucks on the ones she loves (i.e. her daughter Stormi Webster’s whopping $625 Gucci baby carrier), we would not expect anything less from King Kylie, tbh.

Two of Kylie’s dogs (she has seven in total), her greyhounds Norman and Bambi, have actually become pretty famous since first gracing the star’s Instagram in 2016. Kylie has made her affection for her pooches pretty clear over the years, even sharing a pic on Norman and Bambi's IG account, where the dogs are seen clutched to her chest, with the caption "Mom Loves Us." 

Considering the house she's built, we can definitely tell.