Kris Jenner Finally Responded to Those Rumors That Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

In case you (somehow) missed it, the Internet was in freakout mode yesterday when sources close to Kylie Jenner confirmed that the 20-year-old beauty mogul is four months pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott.

While no member of the Kardashian family has confirmed or denied the rumors, after what felt like an eternity, Kris Jenner has *finally* commented (sort of) on the whole thing. In an interview with The Cut while attending Milan Fashion Week, the momager extraordinare stayed tight-lipped on the matter.


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"I just woke up this morning. She’s not confirmed anything," Jenner told The Cut. "I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening."

When asked whether she knew the news was going to break, she added, "Something happens every single day. You never know what is going to break at any moment."

Yes, she's keeping things cryptic — but she also didn't exactly deny anything, which is major. Basically, it sounds like she wants to let Kylie handle confirming the news herself. 

Meanwhile, fans think Kylie actually could have confirmed the big news a long time ago — as Cosmopolitan notes, she said in a recent episode of Life of Kylie, "I do want kids. Who doesn’t want kids? My dogs feel like my little kids."

Stay tuned!