Halsey Had The Best Response To Being Trolled Over Her Armpit Hair

Ugh. It’s 2018. I thought we were done policing women’s bodies hair and acting like body hair isn't normal?

Body positive queen Halsey posted a lovely series of selfies on Twitter recently, gorgeously modeling a Fiorucci sports bra, and some jerk tried to call her out for having armpit hair, placing an “LOL” sticker over the area.

Halsey was clearly not having it, but responded in the most nonchalant, badass way.

Imagine being so completely un-self-aware that you try to make Halsey feel bad about her body. Halsey, whose hair has been every color of the rainbow. Halsey, who has spoken openly about her struggle with endometriosis. Halsey, who has previously called out Twitter users for using harmful labels on women and what they choose to do with their own bodies.

Besides, the other day Halsey and fellow pop queen Charli XCX were just having an inspired conversation about leg hair. Do you really think she would be hurt by you mentioning her underarm stubble? Please.

In all seriousness, it’s fantastic that so many ladies in the public eye are speaking out about their body hair, which can be a serious insecurity for many of us. Did you know that women only started shaving their legs and underarms because razor companies weren’t making enough money, so they started marketing razors to women and created a beauty standard literally out of thin air? Women didn’t start shaving at all until the early 1900s, which is pretty recent for something that seems like such a taboo.

Thanks, Halsey, for inspiring all of us to disregard the trolls and look however we want. Keep slaying!