Blake Lively Sings on the 'All I See Is You' Soundtrack, & She Sounds Beautiful

Blake Lively's latest movie, All I See Is You, sees her character navigating her complicated marriage after regaining her eyesight. The movie, which was released Oct. 27, has a beautiful soundtrack that Blake actually sang on! If you heard the songs but didn't recognize her voice, take another listen.

The soundtrack was released last week and features Blake on two songs: "In Our Dreams" and "Double Dutch." As if it wasn't hard enough to play a blind woman, Lively also took on the task of going into the studio to sing for director Marc Forster. According to Vanity Fair, "Forster had no idea whether Lively could sing when he cast her and figured, worst case scenario, he could always dub someone else’s voice for the song. That ended up not being necessary." Even Babyface, who owns the studio they recorded in, said Blake didn't need any help with her singing. 

Lively also helped incorporate her character's song into the story, making an impact on the movie outside of just acting. 

All I See is You is in select theaters now.