9 Work Space Accessories That Will Make Your Life *So* Much Easier

Your workspace is, overall, one of the most important parts of your space — especially during a long-lasting pandemic where everyone is working and taking classes from home. You clock in hours working or studying, which can be stressful enough on its own, and even worse when your space is cluttered. 

We could all probably use a little more convenience in our lives, and it’s easy to get excited by all sorts of neat items promising the ultimate improvement to make our daily tasks just that much easier and organized. That being said, you don’t want to spend tons of money on items that are just cool to look at; you want items that are actually practical for your space and daily tasks. 

So, here are nine accessories and gadgets that’ll work for your desk space – or even your bedside table, to help you kick off or wrap up your workday – that are guaranteed to offer the convenience you want and need. 

  1. 1. A memo board for your computer

    laptop on desk with phone, pens and notepad

    This computer monitor memo dry erase board (Urban Outfitters, $13) mounts to the side of your laptop or monitor, perfect for writing down any important notes or quick reminders. Plus, it’s in a spot that you’re sure not to miss, so you won’t forget about your to-dos while working. 

    If you’re not one for dry erase boards, you can opt for a similar mountable paper holder (Urban Outfitters, $20) to store any notes you jot down or photos.

  2. 2. A desk riser

    Desk with computer, plants, and office supplies

    A desk riser is a simple, yet effective way to free up space and consolidate your workspace essentials. A desk riser like this blue weaved one from (Urban Outfitters, $69) not only spices up your workspace with a fun bohemian pop of color, but also gives you plenty of room both on top of and below the shelf, with side pockets for your grab-and-work convenience. 

  3. 3. A USB-powered mug heater

    white ceramic mug on table

    Make your late-night, caffeine-fueled cram sessions slightly more tolerable, or keep your morning hot beverage of choice warmer for longer with a USB-powered mug heater. Just plug in the heater and place your mug on the mat to keep your drink nice and warm while you work. 

    A mug heater is basically every hot beverage enthusiast's dream and this USB cup heater (Urban Outfitters, $13) has the cutest shapes to choose from, like a butterfly, flower or sun. It also makes a great gift! 

  4. 4. A computer stand

    Computer desktop and laptop on wooden stands on desk

    Made with the similar goals of the remarkable standing desks in mind, this laptop computer stand (Urban Outfitters, $75) rests perfectly at eye-level to prevent slouching, keeps your device cool to keep it from overheating, and is equipped with a cable organizer that hides your cables while keeping them untangled. A stand for your laptop or computer offers convenience, helps keep your space organized and its list of benefits can make it a great addition to your workspace. 

    You can also go for a more affordable option, such as this computer stand (Amazon, $29.99). 

  5. 5. A 3-in-1 charging station

    Rose gold smartphone on top of white white covered book with smartwatch

    Having your charging cords constantly wind up in a raveled mess, misplacing them or worse, breaking them, is almost too easy. So, get ready to finally do away with the endless tangled clutter and the trouble of maintaining your cables with a charging hub! 

    If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods — or any other combination of electronics — this 3-in-1 charging station (Urban Outfitters, $30) is just what you need. This charging hub comes in four colors: white, black, lavender and rose pink, so it’s convenient and cute. 

    Specifically designed to accommodate three devices, with separate slots for each cord, it’ll make charging everything at once easy, compact and neat. You can have it on your desk, your bedside table, or anywhere that works best for you. 

  6. 6. A wall office supply hanger

    person holding white paper and hanging it on gold standing rack

    This mesh wall office supply organizer (Target, $17) has three compartments to conveniently store your folders, notepads and pens. The mountable feature of this organizer frees up even more space, and is perfect to help keep your deskspace clutter-free.

  7. 7. A hanging file holder

    close up of desk with laptop, books, papers and coffee mug

    Gone are the days of never-ending stacks and piles of files, notepads and papers with this hanging file holder with folders (Target, $12.99). The hanging design of this holder is a great tool to consolidate and organize your important documents, while also making more desk space to work.

    This holder is simple, sleek and gives you easy access to anything you choose to store in it – without the mess.

  8. 8. A multi-functional bedside desk lamp

    white and rose gold bedside table lamp next to bed with plant

    This multi-functional lamp (Amazon, $39.99) is multi-functional, but not overwhelming. It serves as a desk lamp but is also equipped with USB charging ports, AC outlets and three slots to charge and store your essential devices, such as your phone. 

    Perfect for your bedside table, dresser or even your work desk, this item is a step-up from your average desk lamp and charging system, as it neatly combines the two. 

  9. 9. A wake-up light alarm clock

    close up of white alarm clock

    As winter approaches and early-rising in the morning becomes harder than it already is, a wake-up light alarm clock (Amazon, $159) might just be what you need. These alarm clocks simulate sunrise and sunset, with different light features for a gradual and natural experience when waking up and falling asleep. The audio features also offer a range of natural wake/sleep sounds such as tropical birds and ocean waves to help energize you in the morning or help you unwind at night. 

    There are several benefits to natural light clocks like these, including improved sleep, increased energy and mood, and improved performance and productivity, according to their product description.

Your space is an important part of your daily life. It reflects who you are, your interests and factors greatly into your overall mental and emotional health. As we continue to spend more time at home and work remotely, your workspace shouldn’t cause you any unnecessary grief. Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these items into your workspace and daily life for some much-needed convenience and alleviate any stress and clutter. 

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