The Easiest Way to Make Your Dorm Smell Amazing Without Lighting a Candle

My favorite pastime is standing in the candle section of HomeGoods for nearly thirty minutes to smell everything they’ve got and then buying my faves. While my bank account doesn’t love this cute little hobby of mine, I simply can’t be stopped. So naturally the biggest struggle for me when I first moved into a dorm was that I couldn’t light up my Capri Blue Volcano candle. For obvious safety reasons, it was an important rule to follow but I knew I’d never get by without a dorm that smelled like home. Instead, I found alternate ways to make my space feel cozy and fresh sans the flame. Below are my favorites that I recommend you copy, that is unless you hate things that smell amazing.

  1. 1. Use diffuser sticks 

    The next best thing to the cult-favorite Anthropologie candle is the same amazing scent without the flame. Bonus points that it's in a very aesthetically pleasing bottle. 

    Capri Blue Diffuser Sticks, Available at Sephora, $34; Shop Now

  2. 2. Try a Wallflower

    I know I'm sometimes dramatic but trust me when I say this scent is everything you need to relieve school stress. It's like, a spa snuck into your dorm room. No matter what you go with, though, the Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works are perfect for keeping your space smelling fresh. 

    Bath & Body Works Wallflower, $13; Shop Now

  3. 3. Get a room spray

    Bless room spray. Keep it on your desk, your nightstand, ready to go at any and all times. I love Mist Your Mood by Astura because it you know, smells great, but is also relaxing with its lavendar scent. It's also available on Amazon which makes it extra easy. 

    Mist Your Mood by Astura, Available on Amazon, $15; Shop Now

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