How to Decorate Your Space While Being Security Deposit-Friendly

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Heading off to college is going to be your biggest adventure yet—promise. But crossing the threshold of your first dorm (or apartment) to find a barren space can be a *bit* of a buzz kill. That’s why we’ve partnered with Command Brand™ to help you transform that blank canvas into a space that’s totally you—sans the damage that comes with a power drill. Here, our curated, damage-free solutions for every dorm décor obstacle.  

  1. 1. The Obstacle: Floating Shelves 

    The Solution: Command Brand Display Ledges, shop now 

    Floating shelves are a great space-saving storage hack, but drilling holes into your wall is a great way to get on your RA’s bad side. Instead, use Command Brand™ Display Ledges to house your knick-knacks, notebooks, and anything else that reminds you of home. Like all Command Brand™ products, they hold strongly and remove cleanly.

  2. 2. The Obstacle: Hanging Picture Frames

    The Solution: Command Brand™ Picture Hanging Strips, shop now 

    If you’re using a hammer and nails, you’re doing it wrong. A damage-free dorm is a dorm done right, so use Command Brand™ Picture Hanging Strips to hang your photos with the power of their hook and loop technology. Strips come in three sizes to fit a variety of photo frames, with two pairs (or four strips) of the large size holding up to 16 (!!!) lbs. 

  3. 3. The Obstacle: Installing a Sturdy Hook

    The Solution: Command Brand™ Large Forever Classic Hook (Oil Rubbed Bronze), shop now

    Odds are, your dorm room was built in the 90’s and isn’t exactly optimized for modern day storage (or design) needs. If your door is missing its O.G. hook or you need more spots to hang your backpack, towels, or coat—opt for this chic, oil rubbed bronze metal option from Command Brand.™ Stylish and functional, it holds up to 3 lbs without peeling paint or damaging the wall. 

  4. 4. The Obstacle: Mood Lighting 

    The Solution: Command Brand™ Indoor/Outdoor Light Clips, shop now 

    Your dorm is more than a place to crash between classes—it's your sanctuary for sleep and studying. Set the mood by hanging some twinkly lights. And do it without jamming a million thumbtacks into your wall with Command Brand™ Indoor/Outdoor Light Clips, specifically designed to hold your lights in place in any position you can dream up. Use inside or outside for damage-free grip—you just need one clip per every two feet of lights.  


For more ways to get a dorm done right, shop Command Brand™ in-store (where you can consult an expert Command Ambassador at pop-up events around the country from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and online at Walmart. In the meantime, follow Command Brand™ on Instagram for more damage-free décor inspo.