How To Refresh Your Desk

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Whether I’m working or studying, it feels like 98% of my time lately is spent at my desk. So I decided to refresh my workspace with a quick and easy makeover from Bed Bath & Beyond. When I started online shopping, I was blown away by how many awesome and affordable items could reinspire my space. (Like a purple velvet desk chair!) But it’s also important to focus on organization, because as much as I want my desk to look pretty, I want it to be a productive space, too! Lucky for you, I’m sharing my desk makeover shopping list so you can freshen up your space, too!

#DeskGoals Shopping List: 

If you’re inspired to refresh your desk, check out all of the featured products above here, and we’d love to see your results by tagging us on Instagram at Her Campus and Bed Bath & Beyond


Video and styling by Brooke Wyatt.