11 Carts & Accessories You Need if You Want to Upgrade Your Coffee Bar or Bar Cart

If you've been toying with the idea of revamping any of your decor recently, this is the sign you've been waiting for! It's clear we're not going anywhere any time soon, so it's time to make the jump and create the space of your dreams. From working at home to establishing just about all other activities there, we've never spent more time in one place. If you missed out on the early quarantine rush to cozify your space, it's not too late. Way Day 2020 is almost here, featuring Wayfair's biggest deals of the year. Offering up to 80% off with free shipping on everything, you won't find a better time to shop* – until Way Day 2021, at least.

There's been unrivaled focus on sprucing up your workspace and upgrading your childhood bedroom, but they're not the only places you're probably spending more time than you're used to in. With less opportunity for your morning coffee run and a complete shut down on office happy hours, here are some must-have pieces to upgrade your bar cart or coffee bar. 

*Way Day deals run from midnight ET on September 23 to 3am ET on September 25. Prices listed here do not necessarily reflect Way Day prices, so make sure to check back after midnight! And shop fast, because products might not last long. 


  1. 1. A classic bar cart

    The first part of creating a bar space at home is mobile cart, and the Bathilde Bar Cart couldn't be more perfect. It can hold up to 18 regular sized wine glasses or 24 champagne glasses and 15 bottles of wine, plus a serving space on top for decorations and accessories. 

    Wayfair, $166, Shop Now

  2. 2. A home bar 

    Is it time to upgrade from a simple bar cart? Quarantine points to yes! The Ashfield Bar blends into your home perfectly, sitting in the corner of your dining or living room and embodying the feel of a built-in hutch! Featuring a stemware storage rack, several shelves and wine slots and a serving top, this piece really brings the bar home. 

    Wayfair, $238, Shop Now

  3. 3. Drink stirrirs

    Functional and attractive, the Daisytown Stirrers come as a set of 10. Prepare your drink, and then make it known as yours with your favorite color! 

    Wayfair, $25, Shop Now

  4. 4. A wine stopper bouquet

    Florals are OUT! Sitting atop your counter or bar, the Eleonore stopper bouquet showcases your 12 favorite wine stoppers, for both easy access and an attractive conversation piece! 

    Wayfair, $22, Shop Now

  5. 5. A decorative shaker

    Did I say florals were out? I swear I didn't mean it! The Watercolor Floral Cocktail Shaker holds 16oz and comes with a built in strainer. 

    Wayfair, $25, Shop Now

  6. 6. A portable, electric wine opener 

    Corkscrews are fun, sure, but how many times have you accidentaly sent chunks of cork back into the bottle, if you could even pull the whole thing out in the first place? This USB rechargable wine opener can open up to 80 bottles on one charge and can come along for all the rides. 

    Wayfair, $39, Shop Now

  7. 7. A tabletop wine rack

    For smaller spaces, make do with this 10 Bottle Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack on your counter. The golden geometric design will spice up any kitchen! 

    Wayfair, $34, Shop Now

  8. 8. A kitchen car

    For the non-alcoholic variety, this Elsie Kitchen Cart (with a granite top!) makes for a functional and attractive space for any coffee connoisseur.

    Wayfair, $190, Shop Now

  9. 9. An iced coffee capable Keurig

    You read that right! This model has an iced coffee function, making it easier than ever before to do from home. It also offers five different brew sizes and can be programmed for auto on.

    Wayfair, $147, Shop Now

  10. 10. A K-Cup Pod carousel 

    For all of your favorite coffees, teas and cocoas, this 36 pod carousel keeps them readily available. 

    Wayfair, $30, Shop Now

  11. 11. Canisters for all of your favorite add ins 

    From your own grounds to creamer pods, from cinnamon to nutmeg, this canister set looks good while keeping all of your favorite coffee add ins close at hand. 

    Wayfair, $16, Shop Now

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