The Best Dorm Room Decor Ideas, According to Your Major

Everyone needs a flair for their dorm room to make it feel like home! But, in such a small space, practicality is key and decorating according to your major will help you be the best student possible in your college years! Read on to upgrade your dorm depending on your major, and thank me later!


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  1. 1. Psychology Majors: Desk organizer

    With all the readings for a ton of different classes your taking, a psychology major needs a good desk organizer to organize textbooks, readings, notes, books and assignments. The sheer amount of theory involved in this major could lead to a major breakdown (not to mention a mess in your dorm) if papers are left everywhere! 

  2. 2. Journalism Majors: Adjustable desktop stand

    Seeing as you spend most of your time tackling articles and writing essay after essay on media theory, your back is starting to morph into the hunchback of Notre Dame. To steer clear of chiropractor trips in your 20’s, try using an adjustable desktop stand for your laptop to switch between standing or sitting for assignments that won’t take up too much space.

  3. 3. Business Majors: Suit & Pant Hanger

    An essential in any work closet is a suit and pant hanger to keep your business outfits sharp. As any business major would know, looking the part is also important. Match made in heaven! To help you look the ‘business-type’ , you’ll need a crisp clean suit. Or three! Whether that be meetings with potential partners or working at your first internship, using proper suit hangers will save your butt when your busy and will give a great first impression!

  4. 4. Pre-Med: Entrance Hooks

    Make use of hooks near the door to hang all your stethoscope, lab coat and other supplies for class. Misplacing your supplies for class somewhere in your dorm is always a pain, but when the supplies are needed (like life-saving stethoscopes!) for classes or work placements, you can’t be last-minute searching your dorm or just leaving without it. Having a hook specifically for your class medical supplies right by the door so you’re ready to scram out the door will make life easier and your dorm neater. 

  5. 5. Pre-Law Majors: Adjustable book stand

    Readings are another big thing for pre-law majors. To save on precious desk space, try an adjustable book stand or two, to get through all your readings without the hassle of a cramped desk! A stand will allow you to hold and move books above a desktop with the book angled towards you for easy reading and will allow enough space for numerous books open at once. 

  6. 6. Art Majors: Easel

    What’s an artist without their easel? Place an easel in your room or a mini-version so you have an alternate workspace for your art assignments and projects. Plus, a space to DIY your room décor!

  7. 7. Environmental Science Majors: Flower Press

    A flower press can create some unique pieces that are easy to make and keep in your dorm. Collecting samples for classes will be made easy when you have this handy little tool that won’t take up a lot of space in your dorm or in your backpack. Plus, you’ll have an excuse to make beautiful flower press for your dorm room to bring in some nature!

  8. 8. English Majors: Crate Bookshelves

    For all the novels you’ll analyse and dog-eared copies of your favourites you’ll collect throughout college, your going to need some space to display them as your pride and joy, being an English major! For a rustic look for bookshelves, try stacking wooden crates against a wall! Library feel without the hooks or nails (dorm rules!)!