7 Sneaky Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Good news: You can’t actually make your dorm room or studio apartment bigger, but you can make it feel a lot more spacious. Instead of feeling discouraged and claustrophobic in your space, maximize it into a cozy, productive environment that you can’t wait to escape to every night with these seven life-changing tips.

  1. 1. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

    A mirror naturally elongates a room and opens up the space. The key to enlarging a place is adding accents and aspects that draw the eye towards other areas. A mirror reflects other parts of the room, making it feel roomy and inviting. One like this would be a perfect place to try on your first day of school outfit while adding some illusion of space.

  2. 2. Paint the walls a neutral lighter color

    A white room instantly feels bigger, brighter and more serene. Having the walls be a consistent neutral color will automatically simplify the space and trick your brain into thinking it is roomier than it appears. Can’t paint your place? Try adding white details to the walls or keep your bedding neutral to make the space clean and bright. Also, the good news is that most apartments and dorms are already a light neutral color, so there’s at least one thing working in your favor.

  3. 3. Use a large striped rug

    A striped rug adds to the ground making the floor appear longer. It’s all about small little tricks to move your eye around the room. Unifying the space with a large rug will address the issue of a smaller ground area and add some pop to the room. Take this blue and white striped rug like this for some inspiration.

  4. 4. Decluttering is your best friend

    You know how it goes — does it bring you joy? Seriously, though, walking into a room with numerous nick knacks of varying sizes and colors overwhelms the eye. Simplify your collections as much as it pains you. This will make the room feel structured, open and not as cramped. Toss that elementary school trophy and replace it with a small plant or aesthetic desk decoration. Minimalism is key.

  5. 5. Buy furniture that is raised on legs

    Couches that are stuck on the ground appear bulky and oversized. Something like this will add some movement, light, and further illusion.

  6. 6. Take advantage of natural light

    Don’t block a window with heavy or over patterned curtains. Natural light is your saving grace to a small room so emphasize it by allowing some space between the window and your next piece of furniture.

  7. 7. Paint the ceiling a contrasting but light color

    If you’re able to, changing the color of the ceiling is bound to make the walls feel longer and taller. Walking into a room that has this illusion will lift your spirits and inspire different forms of creative decorating.

When looking at your new space don’t be discouraged by the size or disproportionate area. There are plenty of sneaky ways to trick yourself into feeling comfortable and homey. Any room has the potential to be Pinterest goals so happy decorating!