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Data Deletion

As a rule, we do not normally delete content from HerCampus.com. Please see below for exceptions and alternative solutions. 

I don’t want my name/bio/articles to show up in Google searches for me anymore.

If you would like your article(s) to be disassociated from your name we are happy to alter and/or remove identifying information from your account so that searchers will not be able to access your profile. The articles will remain on HerCampus.com under an anonymous author.

To initiate this proces please reach out to webmaster@hercampus.com.

I was a campus cutie/celebrity and I don’t want that article available anymore.

We are happy to oblige requests for old interviews, profiles, or other personal pieces to be unpublished. The page will return an error message when someone navigates to it.

To initiate this proces please reach out to webmaster@hercampus.com.

My chapter has a ton of old unpublished content that I would like to delete.

We will not respond to requests to delete unpublished drafts.

If you have a legitimate deletion request, please email webmaster@hercampus.com. Make sure to include the reason you want the article deleted as well as a link to the article. If you want your information to be removed from the site and your articles anonymized, please include a link to your author page. For deletion requests on behalf of someone featured in an article, we must receive a deletion request from the individuals themselves.

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