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Zayn Malik Got 2 New Tattoos & I Just Want to Know What They Mean

Just when we all thought Zayn Malik couldn’t get any hotter, he goes and gets not one, but two new tattoos.

The former One Direction member, who recently broke off a two-year relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, posted pics of the new ink on Instagram on Friday (Possibly as a way to move on after the split?). In one photo, you can see a tattoo of a rose on the back of his head. In another, captioned “neck yat,” a tattoo artist is shown working on the side of his neck, as Zayn smokes a cigarette.


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Neck yat

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The meaning behind his tattoos has yet to be revealed, but he later posted another picture of a rose to Instagram which I still find rather obscure.


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Even during his time in One Direction, he was the member to have the most tattoos. According to Refinery 29, with the addition of the two new tattoos, Zayn now has a total of 62 (!!) tatts.

Talk about a whole lotta ink!

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