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You Can Now Have the Ultimate Taco Bell-Themed Friendsgiving—So Who’s Ready to Eat?

Taco Bell has finally graced us with a full course meal inspired by their perfected spices, chicken flavors and everything chipotle. Are you looking to up your Friendsgiving game this year? Then, there’s no way you could go wrong with throwing a bit of Taco Bell flare in it.

The menu includes four parts, with full recipes released by Taco Bell.

1. Taco Bell Fire Tortilla Chip Crusted Chicken

This is the ultimate center of attention for any feast. Who doesn’t want a slow roasted chicken covered in Fire Tortilla Chip crumble? Show off your prowess in the kitchen and please all of your fast food loving friends.

2. Sauce packet seasoned root vegetable purees

For a fancier, more adult addition, there is the vegetable puree. Taco Bell provides the ever unique and addictive sauce packets which you can add to carrots, red kuru squash, parsnips and garnet yams. These are just a few of their suggestions but the sauce can be added to any vegetable of your dreams.

3. Roasted potatoes with Chipotle Crema & Diablo Caviar

Potatoes are the foundation of pretty much any meal, but Taco Bell is here for you to step up your game. Chipotle crema and diablo caviar just scream adulthood and luxury. Trust us, your friends will be very impressed.

4. Special cocktail: rice & beans

The name might deter you for a second but the play on words is fully worth it. Mix together some horchata (the rice component), any vodka of choice, and coffee ice cubes (to resemble the beans). This is definitely living mas.

If this menu isn’t enough for you, you can also pair it with your very own Taco Bell themed sweaters from Tipsy Elves. One of the sweaters reads, “thankful for taco bell” and it is clearly very on point.

Remember this girl that got her senior photos at Taco Bell? A true hero and icon? 

Maybe Invite her and your Taco-loving pals to Friendsgiving this year— and celebrate this ultimate holiday combination.

Greer is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Queen's U and a News x Social intern for Her Campus. She is a fourth year Political Science major with a Sociology minor. She is from the US of A but still has maple syrup running through her blood. Her most acknowledged skills include eating an entire jar of Nutella in one day and watching Buzzfeed videos for up to 8 hours straight.