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You Can Now ‘Donate Your Birthday’ to Awesome Causes Using Facebook

According to CNN, Scott Harrison began his charity, charity: water, after he “donated his birthday” by asking his friends to give $20 to help a refugee camp in Uganda instead of getting him the traditional birthday gift. Since then, Harrison’s organization’s concept of donating a birthday has gained significant popularity, with his organization raising approximately $9 million to provide clean water for those in need—just through people’s birthdays.

But now the concept has caught on with Facebook, and you can now donate your birthday on the social media site.

Using Facebook’s fundraising tool, you can now donate your birthday to a non-profit charity on the website. In order to donate your birthday, simply click on the fundraising tab on your News Feed. From there, you can select what charity you want to give to and set your fundraising goal as well as your fundraiser’s end date. You can invite your friends directly to the fundraiser, so they’ll feel personally compelled to donate.

Some Facebook users have donated their birthdays to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Monterey Bay Aquarium (in Monterey, California) and Autism Speaks.

“People will do stuff for you birthday they wouldn’t normally do other times,” Harrison told CNN.

Facebook does, however, take a five percent fee from donations. So while it’s a fun program and makes it easy to set up your fundraiser, you might be happier donating more directly to an organization.

According to CNN, some were concerned that once the idea of donating your birthday becomes too widespread, people might not be as receptive to donating. However, with approximately 19 million birthdays being celebrated around the world each day, there are a lot of chances to do some good in this world.

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