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You Can Get Hot Coffee In A Can Now Because Science Is Incredible 

Now, you don’t have to wait in line at Starbucks to get some hot coffee— you can get your own warm coffee in a can instead. A company called Hotshot, which gained its momentum from ABC’s Shark Tank, has made hot canned coffee a thing, because they really care about us coffee addicts.

The founder of the company, Danny Grossfeld was inspired by this caffeine-infused innovation from a trip he took to Japan. According to Business Insider’s Markets Insider, hot coffee in a can is a pretty hot commodity in Japan. In fact, it’s a $15 billion industry. Apparently, North America missed out on this booming business.

So, how exactly does it work? According to Hotshot’s FAQ page, their products stay hot as long as you keep them in their HotBox, which is essentially a custom heated thermos for your canned coffee. The HotBox uses “innovative patented heating technology” to keep your coffee at the perfect 140 degrees.

Hotshot offers single serve cans of hot coffee and hot chocolate. And, because the company’s HotBox acts as an incubator for your canned coffee, you could technically put any canned coffee in the HotBox to indulge your caffeine addiction obsession.

ABC News explains that Grossfeld tried 2,000 different Arabica beans samples before he chose the perfect formula for his brand’s black coffee blend— because he’s dedicated to making quality coffee. Did we mention that the HotBox is safe to stay on indefinitely? Clearly, Hotshot understands just how serious we are about our hot coffee (or they know that college students need caffeine 24/7 just to function). 

Although the starter kits that include a HotBox are a bit pricey for the college student’s budget, this caffeine-fueled innovation is something to watch for every coffee aficionado (or anyone who needs to chug a few cups of coffee before work). While Hotshot only has two different flavors of hot canned coffee in addition to their canned hot chocolate, the convenient, coffee-obsessed market is sure to drink up anything they put out. (And maybe, hopefully, we’ll see a mocha-flavored coffee, soon? Please and thank you.)

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