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WTF Rich People Are Bird-Proofing Their Trees Now To Protect Their Cars?

Throughout the years, environmentally friendly and eco-conscious trends have made their way into the mainstream. However, a new trend has arrived: bird-proofing trees.

Bristol residents have caused an uproar by bird-proofing their trees to prevent birds from pooping on their expensive cars. According to Independent.co.uk, the wealthy residents have attached anti-bird spikes to their trees. The trees are located in a front garden of privately owned flats, in the Clifton area in which the local Green Party counselor described as “literally unhabitable to birds.”

It is understandable that one may not want bird poop on their fancy car, however, bird poop does have some ranging benefits. According to The Cut, it was discovered that some bird poop contains enzymes that are said to break down dead skin cells, and it also contains guanine, which supposedly shines the skin as well.

The bird-proofers are large spikes embedded into the branches to prevent birds from landing and nesting.

“We have reached a new low. Appalling!” Donna Rainey, a conservationist from Ireland, told the Telegraph. Despite all of the controversy, residents are still not budging and will go to all lengths to protect their Mercedes & BMW’s.

“There is a big problem with bird droppings around here. They can really make a mess of cars, and for some reason, the birds do seem to congregate around this area.” said an anonymous resident. “We did try other methods to scare off the birds. I think we had a wooden bird of prey in the branches, but that didn’t seem to do anything.”

Náosha Gregg is an aspiring journalist & freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York, currently obsessed with anything blush. Follow her on Instagram: @knowingnaosha or say hi: naosha.gregg@gmail.com
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