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Women Are Gifting Becca Wine After Last Night’s ‘Bachelor’ Fiasco & That’s Honestly The Type of Support I Want

Fans of The Bachelor are literally sending Becca Kufrin money for wine, and it’s the best thing to come out of this finale, TBH.

In case you were unaware, after proposing to Becca, Arie Luyendyk Jr. decided to go back on his decision and cancel his engagement on-camera to go for his second choice, Lauren Burnham. The finale shocked so many viewers, who naturally hate Arie for being such a d*ck, to put it simply. Many tweets flooded in after the show’s airing.

Even The Bachelor’s very own Bekah Martinez chimed in.

Clearly, everyone was pretty upset and frustrated with Arie’s actions. Some took to Twitter to air their anger, others decided to send Becca K. some money for a drink–or a thousand. It’s honestly legendary to see how many people Venmo’ed her.

These are actually so sweet, I’m dead.

There’s truly nothing better than women supporting women.

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