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A Woman Lost Her Job After A Video Of Her Accusing A Guy Of Hitting Her With His Car Went Viral

Back on August 25, in Lake Georgetown, Texas, a (dramatic) standstill took place between a park gate attendant, Judine Reed and a man in a seemingly non-moving car. A video was posted to YouTube and Facebook highlighting the event. The man in the car, Chris Hampshire, recorded the incident for good measure, according to KSAT12 (an ABC affiliate in Texas) — and it clearly helped to exonerate his name because Judine has since lost her job.

The video above shows Reed frantically screaming on the phone to a 911 operator that the man was hurting her, and begging for them to “hurry,” all while the car is not moving. She continued to claim that he had run her over with his car.

Hampshire posted the video later to showcase this absurdity. He wrote that he had left the wrong exit out of Cedar Breaks Park, and the woman had seen him and told him he must stay while she called the cops. He told her that she could not hold him there, so then she took it upon herself to stand in front of his car while on the phone with 911. Two park rangers eventually came over and Hampshire left the scene.

He was the stopped by the police after, but was let go after they’d seen the video he recorded.

At the time of the video, Reed was an Army Corps of Engineers contract employee. The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who runs the park, wrote this statement on their Facebook page.


If it wasn’t for video recording, who knows what could have happened to Chris Hampshire. Another case put to rest by an iPhone. 2018, man.

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