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\'Love IS Blind\' Kenneth and Brittany
\'Love IS Blind\' Kenneth and Brittany
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Here’s What We Know About Kenneth & Brittany’s Breakup On ‘Love Is Blind’

ICYMI, Love Is Blind Season 6 premiered on Feb. 14 and we’re now at the point in the show where the couples are wrapping up their romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic and preparing to enter a new phase in their relationships. The same five couples who left the pods together returned to Charlotte to see if living together would either make or break their relationships. While this experiment goes smoothly for some, a few couples find their relationships starting to crumble as soon they start living together. Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 6 follow.

As someone who’s always rooting for the couples who make it out of the pods, one pair I was hoping to make it to the end was Kenneth and Brittany. So, what happened to these two once they returned to Charlotte? Let’s just say that things between Kenneth and Brittany didn’t turn out the way many of us had hoped.

Things between Kenneth and Brittany started out great.

Kenneth and Brittany first connected in the pods over their shared faith and formed a deep connection before getting engaged. The two bonded over losing people close to them: Kenneth opened up about his biological mother’s death from cancer, and Brittany shared that her father, who was an alcoholic, died when she was five.

When it came time to finally meet each other face-to-face, both Kenneth and Brittany couldn’t hide their excitement. To me, it seemed like Brittany and Kenneth were made for each other, and their first few days in the Dominican Republic appeared to have brought them closer together. However, the pair’s relationship seemed to hit a hiccup in Episode 7 when Brittany and Kenneth had an awkward moment of silence while taking in the sights on a boat.

Despite their cute moments throughout the remainder of their romantic getaway, Kenneth and Brittany’s relationship didn’t get any stronger when they started living together.

While in Charlotte, Brittany continued to showcase her giddy and affectionate personality but Kenneth became a bit closed off. Not only did he spend a ton of time on his phone, he just didn’t seem interested in embracing the engaged life. There’s even a moment during Episode 7 when Kenneth is so engulfed in his phone and responding to emails that he completely ignores Brittany when she asks him a question.

Kenneth and Brittany’s connection wasn’t enough to get married.

In Episode 8, Brittany acknowledged that Kenneth has his “introverted moments” and that she “overanalyzes” a lot of things. Although she was willing to work on not thinking too much about situations and was open to letting Kenneth have his space when he needed it, Kenneth didn’t seem locked into any of their conversations.

Later in the episode, Brittany brought up the fact that Kenneth hasn’t been home with her, which caused things to go downhill. The pair began talking about their relationship and Brittany questioned where the intimacy between her and Kenneth was. Although both were on the same page when it came to waiting until marriage to be intimate, Brittany felt that the desire between them was missing.

Kenneth disagreed and felt that the desire was just missing for Brittany, not for him. He noted that there had been times he tried to be affectionate but Brittany didn’t reciprocate those feelings. “Last night when I woke you up, I was trying to be affectionate. You pushed me off of you,” he said. “I was in that mode, and you weren’t.”

He then shared that he felt Brittany questioned the status of their relationship. Brittany went on to point out that she’s a very affectionate person but noted that she and Kenneth barely kissed or made out since getting engaged. “That just seems really awkward to me,” she said.

Brittany mentioned that though she felt a “crave” for Kenneth in the pods, she wasn’t feeling that consistently in the real world.

“What I’m hearing from you in this moment is ‘The caliber of a man that you are is what I need. These things about you are what I need but I don’t feel X, Y, Z for you,'” Kenneth said. “That’s not enough for us to get married.”

Even though they cared for each other, Kenneth didn’t see a need to force their relationship, which resulted in him and Brittany calling it quits.

Watching these two break up was like a knife to the heart. I thought Kenneth and Brittany had what it took to make it to the end of Love Is Blind and live a happy life together. But just like past seasons, Season 6 of Love Is Blind has thrown me for a loop and I’m going to need a minute to process this split.

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