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Why Ben & Lauren From ‘The Bachelor’ Are Built to Last

Just moments ago, the world got to watch Ben Higgins propose to “his person” Lauren Bushnell—and to say we are thrilled is sort of an understatement. Of course, he still took us through sort of a roller coaster ride over the course the hours-long episode… remember when he was feeling iffy about the fact that his relationship with Lauren was too perfect? Ben, you had us freaking out for a moment (and not in the good way).

Well, this insane journey was clearly worth it, and we can’t WAIT to see them join the small-but-mighty crew of adorable Bachelor couples who have actually lasted. Here’s why we think they’ll make it:

1. Lauren’s friends and family are in

We saw how anti-Ben JoJo’s brothers were, and that’s been giving us pause since. But Lauren’s squad? Well, they’ve all been team Ben from the start. Lauren’s dad was more than happy to give Ben his blessing, and we knew then that the relationship was starting off on the right foot.

2. Lauren has been serious throughout the whole process

On their first date, Lauren let slip that she wants to meet Ben’s family. In an everyday situation, that might be considered coming off too strong—but in Bachelor time, it’s vital to lay it all on the table right away.

3. They are ALWAYS happy to see each other

If this is how they greet each other every time they see one another, you know they’ll be keepin’ the love ~alive~ for many years to come.

4. Ben literally whooped with delight when her father gave him his blessing

Then, during the proposal, he told her, “I wanna wake up every morning and kiss you on the face”—TOO. CUTE.

5. They had the serious convos—right away

Lauren revealed on After The Final Rose that Ben didn’t wait to talk about everything)—his relationships with the women throughout his season, how he felt about JoJo at the time… just about everything that could have blindsided her. That’s not an easy conversation to have, especially after the happiest moment of your life, so the fact that Ben did what he needed to do right away shows their love is greater than what we saw on the show.

6. They’ve already made plans for the future

How many times have we met Bachelor couples who are still up in the air about their future plans? Not this time. Lauren already has plans to move to Denver right away, and neither of them have held back about wanting to get married—as Chris Harrison reminded us again and again, Ben’s been ready to marry Lauren for a while now, and Lauren made clear she’s not looking to wait long, either. So even though the wedding didn’t happen on ATFR, these two are clearly on the same page.

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