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white lotus season 3 details
white lotus season 3 details
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The Cast & Location Rumors For ‘White Lotus’ Season 3 Are Giving Me Life

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of White Lotus. Last season of The White Lotus, viewers witnessed a brutal showdown between Jennifer Coolidge and a boat full of murderous scammers. In the first season, Sydney Sweeney was throwing shade at Alexandra Daddario, and Jake Lacy did a fabulous job playing one of the most insufferable characters in TV history. Now, fans are wondering what’s next for Season 3 of the HBO hit. (Cue the theme song.) 

While everyone was sad to see Coolidge’s character, Tanya, go, TikTok has been abuzz with theories on who will take her place as White Lotus’s icon. Though some TikTok users have taken a more satirical approach to casting, I can honestly get behind their choices. Fans of the show are also wondering which cast member (or members) will return for the third season, with popular picks being Jon Gries’ character, Greg, or Haley Lu Richardson’s Portia. If you’ve seen White Lotus, you’ll know the setting is a character in and of itself. Along with dreamcasting the show, viewers have made some wild guesses as to where the next resort will be located. While some of these questions are still up in the air, series creator Mike White has finally revealed a ton of major details about Season 3.

White Lotus Season 3 Location

After spending some time in Italy and Hawaii, Variety reports White Lotus will move to Thailand. There are reportedly four possibilities for where in Thailand the next resort will be, with the options being Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Golden Triangle, or Koh Samui. For the past two seasons, White has shot the series at a Four Seasons luxury hotel. There’s a Four Seasons resort in each of these four locations, making them all a possible contender for the setting. 

The first season of White Lotus focused on themes of classism, privilege, and colonialism. While these themes were still present in the second season, the story centered more on sex and power dynamics. For the third season, White said he plans to explore themes of “death and Eastern religion and spirituality.”

White Lotus Season 3 Cast

Rumors are circulating the internet about American Horror Story star Evan Peters joining Season 3. White Lotus executive producer David Bernad told Deadline in February 2023 that Peters almost landed the role of Ethan in Season 2, but Will Sharpe went on to portray that character. Season 3 could be Peters’ chance to win back his spot on the show. Another theory (that I hope is true) is Danny Devito potentially joining the cast. HBO Max told Her Campus it does not have anything to share on the Devito rumor, and any reports are speculative. (If Devito does join the cast, though, he’ll definitely become a fan favorite. I mean, it’s Danny Devito after all. Who doesn’t love Danny Devito?)

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

While the release date of White Lotus Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet, Season 1 dropped in Summer 2021 and Season 2 dropped in Fall 2022, so it’s possible that its release date will be this winter. But that’s just my prediction — who knows what White has in store. All I know is I’m ready for more drama.

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