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Where’s the Commitment

Is there any length of time of which you've been dating someone without commitment that you can assume you'll never get any commitment for the guy? I.e. If you've been casually dating/hooking up with someone for over a year does this mean he'll never want to date you?

There is no rule that is always right. But the above depends on you. If you want a serious exclusive relationship with a guy, yet you allow him to date you for a year without making a full commitment, than you are working against your own self-interests. You are letting the guy know that he does not need to fully commit to you because you will be with him either way. Never take what you can get. Always go out and find exactly what you want and stand up for it. Men are extremely attracted to women who live their life that way. 

You want HIM to be in a relationship with you…since apparently you can’t be in one with yourself.

A dating coach, body language expert, and comedian, Ryan Clauson is known as “Mr. Attraction.” Recently winning the 2010 “Fastest Rising Star” award by Campus Activities Magazine, Ryan teaches men and women from around the world healthy ways for meeting, attracting, and dating the right person for them. Combining his background in stand-up comedy with over 7 years of intense research on dating and attracting behavior, Ryan’s laugh-out-loud funny and high energy programs inspire people to take positive action and improve their lives. Growing up in New Hampshire the youngest of six children, Ryan was so shy he hid in the bathroom during school formals, being too nervous to ask someone to dance. Through years of learning and practice, Ryan overcame his shyness and began teaching others the powerful social skills that produced such positive results for himself. Ryan is a former professional hockey player and current marathon runner. He ran a non-profit fitness program for children with disabilities, and being a type one diabetic, continues to mentor others afflicted with the disease. Having a passion for optimal health, Ryan also teaches simple ways to drastically boost your energy and become the healthiest version of you. Ryan is a certified Reiki Practitioner and gives healings to personal clients as part of his coaching. Ryan is passionate about empowering young people in all areas. As well as teaching students the art of attraction, Ryan offers several other programs.
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