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What’s your long-term fitness goal?

Hi girls, hope October is treating you fabulous thus far! In my last post I touched on becoming motivated to workout by going outside and using the fall weather to your advantage. In Austin the weather is around 80 degrees so it is easier for me to wake up and immediately head outside for some sort of outdoor activity. For those in warmer cities, try going out around dawn or dusk to escape the heat. For those living in colder cities, exercising midday should be the warmest, but don’t forget sunscreen!

Here’s the recap from the video:
What I like to do most to enjoy the weather is go for a casual run around my neighborhood/an Austin trail/on campus. UT is huge, so it’s easy for me to log a lot of distance when I run on campus. As I said in my video, running around my neighborhood motivates me to keep going even when I am feeling that “running pain.” Seeing cars drive past me keeps me on track because it feels like I’ve got an audience, even if only for the three seconds it takes per car to pass. My favorite places to run are on trails around the city’s Greenbelt. Most trails in Austin are near lakes and surrounded by trees and wildlife. It’s a very relaxing way to run (that sounds strange, doesn’t it? Who would have thought running could be relaxing? It can!).

My recommendation is for you to start off running or walking outside for at least 30 minutes. It’s a wonderful way to relax for a bit and clear your mind from the stresses of school. We’ve all got hectic college schedules, but for myself, I will set a goal to run twice a week outside. How many times will you head outside and walk or run this week? Set your goal now and pencil your run/walk time into your planner, that way you will make time to do it.

I am aware that everyone reading is on different fitness levels, so I will blog about what I do for myself and you can modify the workouts/anything else I discuss at your discretion and to what is best and doable for you. That said, let’s get started on today’s entry!

I’ve got some questions for you ladies. I want you to really take time and think about your answers to them because they will help you self-motivate yourself in the long run.

  • What do you want for your body? (This can be anything! To feel healthier, lose five pounds, build endurance, etc.)
  • How do you feel now in comparison to how you feel after a workout? (Proud? Energized? Happy? More apt to stay on track?)
  • What is your long-term fitness goal? (A triathlon? Toned arms? To fit into that formal dress AND be able to wear it later in life?)

These are my answers to these questions:

  • I want to build endurance to be able to run longer distances. I also want to maintain a lean and toned body by eating healthy, exercising often and getting enough sleep. (I know these are big dreams for a busy college girl, but I have faith that I can do it!)
  • After I workout I feel amazing (and a bit gross…thank you back sweat!). I feel energized, strong and ready to tackle the day. This is why I love fitness and exercise, because it makes me feel so great inside and out.
  • My long-term fitness goal is to run the 20th Annual Austin Turkey Trot in under 45 minutes. The Turkey Trot is a five-mile run and in past years I’ve had to walk part of the way. This year, I will train and build endurance to make sure I can run the whole thing. The big day is November 25th, so I’m going to begin training now by following through with my short-term, weekly goals.
  • New Balance Fitness Professional Holly Perkins told me her long-term goal is to complete a half-marathon in Napa Valley next year. It is clear we are on different fitness levels, but we both managed to create long-term goals that are doable for us. What will your goal be?

Note to self: It’s great to exercise often, but make sure you are eating healthy to be in the best shape possible! No, I am not a nutritionist, but I can tell you that incorporating more fruits, veggies and protein into your diet will make you feel a lot better, especially if paired with exercise.

Recap: It’s great to use small motivational tips (such as watching old Britney music vids) but it’s important to have a deeper motivational foundation in mind (i.e. your long-term goal). Take some time today to think about what you want for you regarding fitness!

I’ll close with this: My friends and I like to shout “WORK WORK WORK!” when trying to motivate each other. We say it quick and one word right after the next, so it sounds quite ridiculous and funny. Since you ladies are trusting in me to help motivate you, I will trust in you to use this little phrase as you please. Check out future videos for reference on how exactly to say it.

Stay tuned for my next post. I’ll be discussing more great ways to help you become self-motivated!

Work work work,

PS. Did you notice the cute shoes I’m sporting in the pictures? They say “Train like a girl” on the inside, so adorable!! Can’t wait to train in those!

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Olivia Watson is a true "Austinite" and junior Journalism major at UT. She is a member of UT Communications Council, a Life and Arts staff writer for The Daily Texan, a staff writer for Hercampus Texas and an advertising intern at Texas Monthly Magazine . In her free time she enjoys running the Austin Hike and Bike Trail, swimming and eating at Olive Garden. A big fan of music, artwork and theatre, she loves visiting museums and attending plays and concerts. Her favorite things in life include vanilla-mint flavored chapstick, warm socks, romantic-comedies and cookie dough. In the future, Olivia hopes to move to New York City and pursue an editorial career in print journalism.
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