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All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

What Zodiac Sign Is Peter Kavinsky, Anyway? A HC Astrology Investigation

Who among us hasn’t met a cute human, fallen completely obsessively in love with them, and immediately began the search for every last detail of their astrological birth chart in order to gauge their sweet & sexy synastry (which is the fancy word for love & relationship astrology)?

Or is that just us Scorpio dominant types? Whatever.

Well, sometimes that happens with the cute girl from your economics class and sometimes it happens with the cute male lead from the movie that you can’t stop watching over and over (and over). Which is why, for you, my beloved Her Campus readers, I did the difficult, grueling work of watching To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and, of course, rewatching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before a couple of times to determine what TF our beloved Internet Boyfriend Peter Kavinsky’s sign really is. You are so very welcome.


Based on the movie, I cannot find hints at Peter’s birthday at all. And, unfortunately, since he’s a fictional character, his birth time is even more out of reach – disappointing to say the least. But based on his behaviors (obviously heavily influenced by the nature of beautiful-faced actor Noah Centineo) I’ve got a few solid theories.

(Also, real talk: We all know Josh is probs a Capricorn or an Aquarius because he’s snobby and artsy and stresses me out. So he just doesn’t warrant a full-blown investigation. #SorryNotSorry)

Peter Kavinsky — the beautiful, wholesome AF, angel baby, LAX Bro of your dreams — has gotta have some earthy, air-y energy.

Why? Well, given that a lot of his greatest moments in the film — the pop-corn moving, bashful splashing, butt pocket twirling — were improv moments from Centineo, I feel like his chart is a healthy balance of behaviors of the character and the actor. 

Centineo is a Taurus Sun with an Aquarius moon (BTW — his Mercury and Mars are both in Taurus and Venus in Gemini, if you’re nasty.) For those who have no idea what either of those terms mean: sun signs dictate your character traits and zodiac personality, while moon signs are responsible for how you act emotionally. I could definitely see how that Earth/Air mash-up could be responsible for everything we love about our crush, Peter Kavinsky. 

What that means is you’ve got someone who is self-aware and confident, romantic, and generally accepting of the people they love. Taurus suns and Aquarius moons are also likely to work within the system — and can totally be the “cool” person who gets how social systems work (like knowing the perfect place to grab a happy hour drink, maybe?). But they’ll also have a bit of a rough time moving on from a partner that they’d been committed to (Tauruses aren’t ones to give up on their person without a fight.) 

A Mars in Taurus and a Venus in Gemini will also be romantic and sensual. They’re tactile and comfortable with casual displays of affection (a hand in the back pocket or hot tub leg maneuver, easily) and also are in tune with who they are romantically. They love a partner who is stable and thoughtful and intellectually stimulating — so, yeah, they absolutely adore their “smarty-pants fake girlfriend.” And they want to be stable and thoughtful for that partner in return (“whoa, whoa, whoa”).


My guess for an ascendant, if I had to make the call? Leo.  

Watching that stupidly charismatic, confident energy work — and especially watching him become jealous of Lara Jean and John Ambrose Mcclaren’s budding friendship — makes me definitely sense some fire.

Leo ascendants are beacons for social energy. They’ve got a presence that commands respect and adoration from the masses – I mean, honestly, who elese could we be talking about? They have people who flock to them because everyone sort of wants to feel the warmth of that Leo energy and hope some of it rubs off on them. 

But especially for those with earthy, air-y centers (CC: Aquarius moon like Noah or could clock Peter as a Gemini moon) they have a softer, more emotional side underneath the fiery mask. They’ll be cocky and swear they’re hotter than Tom Holland, but they’ll also want to talk about what’s hurting them and what’s hurting you and want to have that inner, gentler part be understood too.

TL;DR: If we’re looking for clues for Peter (played by Noah)’s star chart — it’s easy to see where IRL energy leaves its mark on screen.  

So, if you’re someone looking for some earthy, air-y love — of freaking course Peter Kavinsky has stolen your entire heart. 

Katherine (or Katie) is the News Editor and resident witch at Her Campus. She first fell in love with journalism while attending SUNY New Paltz ('14). Since then, she has worked on the staffs at MTV News and Bustle writing about politics, intersectional social issues and more before serving as staff researcher at Lady Parts Justice League. Her work has been published in Women's Health, the Daily Dot, Public Radio International (PRI) and WNYC and she's been a regular panelist on a few podcasts (mostly screaming about repro rights.)  She is a Libra with a Taurus moon and a Scorpio ascendant, which either means nothing or everything. She loves strong diner coffee, reading tarot for strangers at the bar and watching the same three horror movie documentaries. She lives in the Hudson Valley with too many animals.     
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