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apple intelligence
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Apple Is Releasing Its Own AI — Here’s What To Know About It

Since the introduction of ChatGPT to the mainstream in 2022, AI has quickly made its way into so many different aspects of students’ lives, from helping us write professional-sounding emails to creating AI song covers for us to make TikTok dances to. Soon enough, artificial intelligence will even be integrated into the software of our go-to devices including phones, tablets, and computers — making AI easily available at the touch of our fingertips.

This is not a prediction; it’s a fact. Apple announced a significant stride into the AI industry during its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Jule 10, by announcing its latest innovation: Apple Intelligence.

Starting in the fall of 2024, Apple is rolling out this new tech — but with a catch: It’s only going to be available on certain devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, along with newer models of the iPads or Macs. These features are set to come out in the new software update for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. In this first phase of its rollout, it will only be available in English.

So, what is Apple Intelligence, exactly? Here’s a rundown on the main features to look out for.

apple siri
Courtesy of Apple

Siri’s New Capabilities

With its new artificial intelligence offering, Apple is bringing multiple updates to Siri. Now, if you stumble to stutter on your words, Siri is better equipped to understand your request, making the experience more like a natural conversation. Also, Siri will be more in tune with your personal context by using the information stored on your device. For example, if you forget your flight number but it’s stored in an email or a text, Siri will be able to find it for you.

Beyond this, when you call Siri, it can take over your screen to carry out a request, such as adding an address to a friend’s contact.

Perhaps the best part is, Siri isn’t just voice-activated now. There is a new “type to Siri” feature, which means when you are out and about, you don’t need to awkwardly try to call for Siri out loud — you can just send a message to get what you need.


Apple is also bringing ChatGPT into its ecosystem. If you ask a question that Siri thinks ChatGPT will be best suited to answer, Siri will ask your permission before it sends questions, documents, or photos to ChatGPT. Then, Siri will present to you the response from ChatGPT. Any user will be able to access the ChatGPT features for free on their Apple Intelligence-compatible device, without even needing to make an account.

Writing Tools

Users are also going to be able to access through Apple’s new Writing Tools feature, which can help you write anything from an email to class notes. 

“With enhanced language capabilities, you can summarize an entire lecture in seconds, get the short version of a long group thread, and minimize unnecessary distractions with prioritized notifications,” the Apple website says of the new feature.

New Emojis & Image Upgrades

And finally: Emojis are out; Genmojis are in. You can make your own custom Genmojis by writing a description such as “upside down smiley face with cowboy hat,” and your device will generate the emoji of your dreams. You can also make Genmojis based on friends’ and family members’ photos.

You can also use the new Image Playground feature to create any photo you want based on a written description, suggested concepts, or someone from your photos.

Further, Apple Intelligence is coming into play for your Instagram pictures. Its new Clean Up tool in the Photos app can remove background people or other distractions from your photos. 

Sounds like a whole new world of possibilities is about to open up for Apple users.

I'm Athena, a freshman journalism major at The University of Texas at Austin. I've interned at The Dallas Morning News and currently work at The Daily Texan. In my free time, you can find me at spin class, facetiming my friends, or listening to music!