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Well That Was Fast: These Photos Might Reveal the Winner of Becca Kufrin’s Season of the ‘Bachelorette’

Let’s be honest: if I had a dollar for every person who made it through a season of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette without reading some kind of spoiler online (thanks, Reality Steve), I would be…not much richer than I am right now. As it turns out though, spoiler Christmas came a little early this year, and there may *already* be photos that confirm which lucky guy wins Becca Kufrin’s season of the Bachelorette. 

In case it wasn’t already obvious, if you are *not* one of the people that looks up spoilers before the finale of every season, do not, I repeat do not read on.

Thanks to TMZ photos have surfaced showing what looks to be the finale’s proposal. Becca can be seen kissing her now fiance while filming on location at a resort in the Maldives on May 10. Per their source, TMZ says there was a big cheer, hugging and group photos after the proposal — and the show’s producers reportedly held a party for the newly-engaged couple the next day.

Which begs the question: which of the 28 contestants is the winner? According to some sleuthing done by Cosmopolitan, it would appear that the guy in the photo is Garrett Yrigoyen. Good ol’ reliable Reality Steve has officially placed his bets on Becca’s final two: Garrett and another bachelor by the name of Blake Horstmann — and as Cosmo notes, only Garrett could reasonably be the guy kissing Becca in the photo, according to his and Blake’s official cast photos.


Here they are… Becca will meet the men on Monday, May 28! #TheBachelorette

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Is this some kind of spoiler record? Is that even a thing? Anyways, only T-minus four days until we officially meet all 28 of Becca’s eligible, including Garrett!

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