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This Week’s ‘Bachelor’ Two-On-One Date Took a Feminist Turn & Twitter Loved It

By now, any loyal Bachelor viewer knows the go-to formula of the two-on-one date. The villain of the season and, inevitably, someone he or she famously clashed with are sent on an awkward afternoon with the lead. They compete for cuddles and flash death glares at each other over the rims of their wine glasses. While the past few Bachelorette two-on-ones have featured macho men borderlining on violent behavior, Bachelor two-on-ones also often include the women making comments about the other’s flaws when the Bachelor isn’t around.

However, on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, this year’s two-on-one date took an unexpected turn. Picking Krystal and Kendall for the date, Arie left them together long enough for the conversation to turn deep. While Krystal stuck to her confidence-building strategy of picking at Kendall’s self-esteem in the situation, Kendall transformed from a background player with weird cannibalism comments to the best friend we could all use.

Kendall chose to focus on complimenting Krystal, reminding her that she’s beautiful and that trying to deal with her own hurt by hurting others wouldn’t get her anywhere. It was a sincere moment that almost felt unsettling to watch on The Bachelor, but after featuring some group dates that weren’t the most girl-positive earlier this season, Kendall shutting Krystal down with respect rather than hate is a much-welcomed step in the right direction.

Fans on Twitter agree, so here are seven of our favorite tweets about the two-on-one date’s surprise feminist twist.

We always see the women show tiny signs of friendship throughout the season, but it’s usually not until after the show when the contestants appear on spinoffs that we get a sense of true friendship between the women. Kendall reaching out to Krystal this way just emphasized that friendship isn’t exactly encouraged in this atmosphere, which is why it’s so great when moments like this shine through. 

In Krystal’s intro package in the show’s first episode, we learned about her brother struggling with addiction and homelessness. However, thanks to the way her edit has come across, it’s been easy to forget her personal struggles until Kendall briefly referred to them in this conversation. 

Such sweet people like Kendall clearly don’t belong on this show, right? 

@realDonaldTrump, you up?

Can we keep Kendall around as a life coach for future seasons’ women? 

It takes a lot of effort to step back and smile at your enemy rather than try to fight back. Kudos to Kendall for doing just that. 

In a moment of weakness, choose to see the potential for growth in your enemies. The first time you try this, you probably won’t pull it off with as much grace as Kendall, but just like The Bachelor airing this conversation, it’s a much needed improvement. 

Kendall deserves all the praise for inserting such a dose of realness into The Bachelor. Here’s hoping that the two-on-one date is addressed at the “Women Tell All” and Krystal has a chance to redeem her behavior. 

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.