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We Finally Have A Premiere Date For ‘Good Trouble’ & It Can’t Come Soon Enough

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been in withdrawals since The Fosters ended, and have likely been anxiously awaiting the premiere of the show’s spinoff Good Trouble. But luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer until we’re immersed back into the Adams-Foster family’s drama-filled lives.

Freeform just announced the official premiere date for Good Trouble, and, thankfully, it’s only two month away! The date is set for Tuesday, January 8, and although that seems close, it’s still too far away in our opinion.

Good Trouble follows sisters, Callie and Mariana, as they move to Los Angeles to start the next phase of their young-adult lives. Starting on their new career paths—Mariana in the male-dominated tech industry and Callie in the federal legal system—they’re both in for some harsh realities.

Eventually, they realize that leaving home to live on their own is not the dream they thought it would be. The girls are no strangers to drama, and this show is set to serve all the drama, relationship troubles, laughs and tears that got us all hooked on the The Fosters in the first place. And even better—the show’s directed by Jon M. Chu (the director of Crazy Rich Asians).

In addition to releasing the premiere date, Freeform also shared an exclusive sneak peek of the first episode. In it, we get a pretty good sense of what Callie and Mariana are about to get themselves into—and it doesn’t look so great.

The scene shows the duo entering their new apartment for the first time, only to find that it’s not all they dreamed It would be (although there is free toilet paper. So that’s a plus, right?).

If you’re as impatient as we are, hold yourself over until the premiere by keeping the sneak peek and teaser trailers on repeat until January. That’s what we’ll be doing.

But we do have one final question: Will Jesus, A.K.A everyone’s-favorite-heartthrob, A.K.A. Noah Centineo, be making any appearances?

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