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We Could Get A ‘The Hills’ Revival But I Don’t Want It Without Lauren Conrad

We’ve all got some 2000s nostalgia (considering how many pairs of jelly shoes I’ve seen in stores in the past month), and it looks like MTV is right there with us.

After reviving Jersey Shore (with pretty substantial success), MTV is looking into bringing back another one of its classic mid-aughts reality shows, The Hills. The series, which ran from 2006 to 2010, followed a group of twenty-something friends in Los Angeles trying to launch their lives and careers. The show brought the girls into the spotlight, most notably fashion designer Lauren Conrad.

Most of the cast is excited to come back, according to a source in Us Weekly. Audrina Patridge told Us Weekly that she’s “not opposed to it,” also mentioning that it would depend on what the project was. Kristin Cavallari reunited with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on their podcast, Make Speidi Famous Again, and said, “I would love nothing more than a Hills reunion.”

Whitney Port was a little more realistic about the logistics of the whole thing. “I think it would be hard to get everybody back together again just because we’re all in such different places, but it’d definitely be something fun,” she told Us Weekly.

According to another Us Weekly insider, the only one who hasn’t talked about a reunion at all is LC. “The rest of the crew is all still friends besides her. Everyone else is down to do it.” That’s kinda disappointing, between her fashion collections and being a mom to baby Liam, she’s got kind of a busy schedule.

Like Conrad, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth has not expressed any interest, either. On her Lady Lovin’ podcast, she talked about a TV executive contacting her about a Hills reunion: “I was like, ‘F—k, no! I don’t want any association with those people.’”

TV reunions are always exciting, but I don’t know if it’ll be the same without LC. If she isn’t there I’m going to protest… but we’ll probably still watch. Dammit, MTV.

Kait Wilbur is an aggressively optimistic individual obsessed with sitcoms, indie music, and pop culture in general. She hails from Manito, a rural wasteland in Illinois so small and devoid of life that she took up writing to amuse herself. Kait goes to Butler University to prepare for a career in advertising, but all she really wants to do is talk about TV for a living. You can find her at any given moment with her earbuds in pretending to do homework but actually looking at surrealist memes.