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The “Wassup Gwayy” trend is TikTok’s newest sensation. Celebrities, influencers, and general TikTok users alike are partaking in this hot trend catered to show off you and your friends. Coming on the scene in early September, the trend is another way of people having fun on TikTok. So, what is the “Wassup Gwayy” trend? I’ll explain. People on TikTok are using the “Wassup Gwayy” song by FamousSally and YB to create videos about them and their friends or significant other with silly captions placed inside the video. Captions range from the way friends might have met, the quirky things you and your significant other like about each other, or even to showing appreciation to your parents. 

Like most trends on TikTok, the sound samples a song. “Wassup Gway” is a song that was released on June 15, 2023 by rappers Famous Sally and YB. There are some significant lyrics from the song that people are using for their videos: “In the cut with my twin we be vibin’. Classic b*tch but they know I’ll be outside with it.”

The first part of the trending TikTok videos takes place over the first sentence of that aforementioned lyric, and usually shows the creator of the video with the caption that refers to them. Their friend or significant other is shown in the next part of the video during the second sentence of the lyric, with a caption about them. The noticeable takeaway in the trend is the way you move your hands and shoulders. People place their hands up, usually holding up their thumbs and forefingers, while shaking their shoulders and moving their hands to the beat of the music.


in the cut with my twin we be vibinnnn

♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

TikTok is an app that people use to come together as a community mostly through trends. The “Wassup Gwayy” trend is similar to the Pretty Boy Swag TikTok trend of October 2022. The well-known song, “Pretty Boy Swag” by rapper Soulja Boy had a significant piece of its lyrics — “I’m looking for a yellow bone, long hair star. Big in the hips, come get in my car” — cut out as a TikTok sound, with people and their friends dancing along to captions about them. The “Wassup Gwayy” trend follows suit, being the current craze on TikTok for people to bond and have fun with directly and indirectly. People post their own individual videos with their friends and family, but hundreds of videos using the same sound creates another internet community just having fun.

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