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Wasabi Beer Exists, So You & Your Friends Have To Try It

Are you a person that likes to try somewhat strange and out-there food concoctions? Do you also have a slight addiction to wasabi? Then, this new beer might be the one for you.

Firebox, a site where you can find very niche gifts and gadgets, has launched a unique new flavor of beer: wasabi. Their website says that they, “don’t take life too seriously,” and it definitely shows in their inventive and eccentric creations, like spreadable whiskey

Anyways, this wasabi beer is perfect for anyone looking to give their taste buds a trip. The Japanese horseradish craze is real, and Firebox is capitalizing on it. The beer is brewed in Japan by Niigata Beer, and is infused with real wasabi. It is available online by bottle, but sadly only in the U.K for now.

Don’t panic though, if your heart is now set on trying some wasabi beer, there might be a little hope. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery created their own version of wasabi beer back in 2014, called Rosabi.

Image via Dogfish Head

Their kind is brewed with hops, malts, louisiana rice and the golden ticket, wasabi. However, this beer is also sold sparingly. If you’re seriously dying to get your hands on some of it though, it is sold on Mel & Rose for $28. This is definitely a bit steep — but hey, there’s no judgement here.

If you’ve been sold on the mission of Firebox though, there is a whole page dedicated to products they can ship to the U.S. Some of these include prosecco bath bombs, bread slippers, and a “make it rain” money gun. So, you might be missing out on some authentic wasabi beer, but there is still hope to be found on this site.

Image via Firebox

Check out the Dogfish Rosabi— and if you’re passionate enough for the cause—blow up their email account with a strong argument for bringing it back. Or, better yet, use this excuse to buy yourself a trip to the U.K to indulge in this boozey palate cleanser.

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