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Two North Carolina College Students Die After Off-Campus Shooting

Local police have confirmed that two North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University students died on Sunday after a shooting that took place at a party off campus, according to WFMY News.

Alisia Dieudonne, a 19-year-old computer science major from Illinois, and Amhad Campbell, 21-year-old agriculture and environmental science systems major from North Carolina, were the victims of the shooting.

The suspect in the shooting arrived at the party uninvited and was asked to leave, then pulled out a gun after a fight broke out.

A vigil was held on campus for the two students on Sunday, which a few hundred of their classmates attended.

The school released a statement on Facebook informing the campus community of their loss and offering conseling services.

Dieudonne’s friend, Jaylon Russell offered a heartbreaking account of their last conversation.

“It’s awful because I had seen her yesterday before everything had happened,” Russell told WFMY. “I gave her a hug and said, ‘I’ll see you whenever I see you.’ And to know I won’t see her is horrible.”

“I can’t make sense of it,” Russell continued. “It’s hard for me to understand just why.”

Local police are working with campus police and administrators to investigate the shooting.

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