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Trump Says the Election is Rigged, But Not Even Pence Believes That

Donald Trump went on another one of his infamous twitter rampages Sunday evening and Monday morning, tweeting away in his typical format: a blanket assertion plus a general emotion he feels (usually sad!). This time he sometimes replaced the emotion with “Media rigging election!”, but you get the gist: Trump thinks the election is being rigged.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has accused the media of more negatively focusing on him, but what’s ironic is that the next slew of tweets were links to stories about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and the news that the State Department urged the FBI to declassify some of the classified emails she sent. This latest email revelation has not been good for Clinton, and is hardly being treated lightly by the media.

So Trump contradicts himself just a little bit there, but it gets worse. His running mate can’t even completely back him up. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, host Chuck Todd questioned whether Governor Mike Pence also believed in Trump’s idea of a “rigged election.” Pence admitted he didn’t consider the actual election to be rigged, but said the media is biased against Trump.

“We’re going to accept the will of the American people,” Gov. Pence said. “But between now and election day we’re going to work our hearts out against all odds, against most of you in the national media. We’re going to go lay out a story for a stronger more prosperous America.”

For most of the interview, Pence stuck with that line of reasoning and didn’t venture to substantiate Trump’s claims that the election itself was rigged. We don’t blame him considering Trump seems to think SNL can rig an election. They’re not that good, Donald.

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