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Trump Is Bringing Obama’s Half Brother As His Guest For Tonight’s Debate

Donald Trump brought some interesting guests with him to the last presidential debate—three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. The third and final debate on Wednesday will be no different. Trump has some new controversial guests in mind—and one of these is Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama.

Malik Obama is not just famous because of his presidential relations. He made headlines in July when he announced his support of Trump this election. According to the New York Post, Malik said, “I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart.”

Malik and Trump do have some things in common. The two agree that mainstream media is biased, while neither of them believe that the women accusing Trump of sexual assault are telling the truth.

“I don’t believe them,” said Malik, according to Page Six. “Why didn’t they come forward before?”

“I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik,” Trump said to the Post. “He gets it far better than his brother.”

In the past, the 58-year-old Kenya native has had serious issues with his half-brother’s administration. They haven’t seen each other since August 2015, after Obama visited Kenya. “I went to the White House to say hello,” said Malik, according to Page Six. “As usual, it was a hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.”

Malik Obama was pretty annoyed when Clinton and President Obama organized the fall of Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy, who he called one of his good friends. “My brother and the secretary of state disappointed me in that regard,” the elder Obama said.

Malik was also upset over the president’s support of same-sex marriage. “I feel like a Republican now because they don’t stand for same-sex marriage, and that appeals to me,” Malik said. For the record, he has at least three current wives, but that number could be as high as 12, according to the Post.

Malik has also been known to criticize President Obama over his non-support of the Barack H. Obama Foundation. The foundation, named for their father, was caught doing off-the-books operations in 2011, but was later cleared by the IRS. Its mission is to help the village of Kogelo, Kenya, which is where much of the Obama family resides.

Malik Obama will join Pat Smith, the mother of one of the Benghazi victims, and singer Wayne Newton as Trump’s honored guests at Wednesday night’s debate in Vegas.

“I’m excited to be at the debate,” Malik told the Post. “Trump can make America great again.”

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