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Towson University Police Warn Students About a Mom Roaming Campus Trying to Find a Date for Her Son

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of us would like to have a special someone in our lives. At least that’s what one mom wanted for her son, but she perhaps may have gone a bit too far when she visited his college campus and attempted to play matchmaker by asking some of the students there if they would be interested in dating her son. And now, this mom’s actions, albeit most likely with good intentions, has caught the attention of campus police.

Last week, students complained to the Towson University Police Department that a woman in her 50s had approached them at two buildings on campus, the Cook Library and Center for the Arts, and attempted to show them a picture of her son on her cell phone while asking them if they would date her son, The Baltimore Sun reports.

The mom’s actions caused enough of a disturbance on campus that the university police issued an advisory that also include surveillance of the woman.

The unidentified woman is seen dressed in glasses, blue jeans and a striped long sleeve shirt in the surveillance footage.

“The Towson University Police Department is investigating three related incidents occurring in the Cook Library and Center for the Arts buildings on February 6 and 7th,” university police said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Students have reported being approached by an older female who attempted to show them a picture on her cell phone and ask if they were interested in dating her son.”

“This incident advisory is being provided in order to make the TU Community aware of an incident on campus that may cause concern,” the department wrote in the advisory.

“This advisory is intended to heighten awareness and inform the community of incidents that may impact their safety and security,” the department added.

According to The Baltimore Sun, university police isn’t being sought for criminal charges, but are simply asking for the woman to stop playing matchmaker on campus.

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