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In The “Today Drained Me” TikTok Trend, Creators Are Over It

Do you ever just get tired from doing even the smallest tasks? Like, after one hour-long Zoom meeting, I’m ready to take a fat nap. And sure, maybe it’s because I didn’t get the eight full hours of sleep that my body needs (why sleep when I can watch TikTok in bed?) or that I forgot to take my iron supplement (again) — but maybe it’s that, at the end of the day, we Gen Zers are just tired

In the “Today Drained Me” TikTok trend, creators are bonding over the fact that most days, we’re all just over it. Doing the tiniest tasks — like completing a 15 minute YouTube workout routine or folding laundry (yay adulting!) — can feel as tiresome as climbing up Mount Everest. 

Read on to learn more about where the viral trend came from and how to try it out yourself — and I promise you, doing this trend isn’t too tiresome.

Where did the trend originate?

The “Today Drained Me” TikTok trend emerged from creator Joe Gunn (@joegunn), who posted a video on July 26 using the now-viral sound. Joe posted a clip of Marlo Hampton from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where, after a tiresome day of needlessly arguing with her fellow contestants, Marlo heavily sighs and says aloud to herself, “Lord have mercy, today drained me.”

TikTok users flooded to the comment section of the video discussing the potential of the sound. One user commented, “Living is hard work 😭,” while another said, “Being bored is exhausting 😩.” Other users commented on how Marlo actually is the drama, but that’s besides the point. I digress.

In the “Today Drained Me” TikTok Trend, Creators are tired.

Over the past few days, the “Today Drained Me” TikTok trend has rapidly grown in popularity, with users sharing how exhausted they really are. Whether users are sharing how quickly their social battery drains after texting five people or revealing their exhaustion from spending hours sitting in a chair at the hair salon, creators truly aren’t holding back with this trend. 

Creator @aymansbooks shared how tired they get after reading smut and rewatching The Vampire Diaries, while user @shelbyyyydanielle admitted to being tired after packing five shirts for college (packing for college is exhausting though, TBH). Users have even gotten their pets in on the trend, showing off their sleepy furry friends (keep the pet content coming, besties).

Trying the “Today Drained Me” TikTok Trend isn’t too draining.

Thankfully, trying out the “Today Drained Me” TikTok trend is fairly simple — so you don’t have to worry about it draining you. To start, think about your day-to-day life and what simply exhausts you — whether it’s finally getting around to doing laundry that’s been piled up in your room for two weeks or going to one singular doctor’s appointment — and get to filming. Or, if you really want to go viral, just grab your sleepy pet and press record.

Zoë is a writer and recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English. Formerly, she was an associate editor at Her Campus, where she covered Gen Z pop culture, beauty and style trends, and everything in between. When she's not writing or editing, Zoë can be found reading, sipping coffee, and exploring new places in California.