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TJ Miller Was Arrested For Allegedly Calling In A Fake Bomb Threat, According To Connecticut DAs

TJ Miller, the former star of Silicon Valley and an actor in The Emoji Movie and Deadpool franchise, was arrested for allegedly calling in a fake bomb report to a 911 dispatcher in New Jersey, according to the Connecticut District attorney’s website. Miller is reportedly facing a federal charge and could serve up to five years in jail.

Per the release, Miller allegedly called the dispatcher on March 18 claiming that a woman with brown hair and a scarf “[had] a bomb in her bag” on an Amtrack Train traveling from Washington, D.C., to Penn Station in New York City.

“By the time Amtrak investigators received notice of the call and were mobilized to stop and search the train, the train was in Connecticut,” the release stated. “Amtrak officials stopped Train 2256 at Green’s Farms Station in Westport, where passengers were directed to detrain, and bomb squad members boarded and searched the train.  No evidence of any explosive device or materials was detected.”

When an investigator called Miller to describe the woman again and release a statement, he gave an entirely different description of the woman. 

Officers reportedly “detected slurring in Miller’s voice and asked if he had consumed alcohol that day” and he said he’d had one glass of wine. They also asked if he had any kind of mental illness and he reportedly said “no, absolutely not. This is the first time I’ve ever made a call like this before. I am worried for everyone on that train. Someone has to check that lady out.”

After the train was searched, authorities spoke with the first class attendant about any suspicious behavior. She told them that it was clear Miller was intoxicated and had been in a verbal altercation with the woman in question.

U.S. Attorney John H. Durham of Connecticut said in a statement that the complaint is only a charge of the allegations laid out against Miller and “not evidence of guilt.” 

These allegations aren’t the first brush with the law Miller’s encountered, coming after sexual and physical assault allegations against Miller from his time in college also surfaced earlier this year.

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