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Things Between ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Exes Amanda Stanton & Robby Hayes Got Even Uglier After the Finale

The finale of Bachelor in Paradise aired Monday night, welcoming back this season’s cast in a totally awkward reunion. Many of this summer’s most memorable faces sat on stage to discuss what went down in Mexico and what’s happening in their love lives today. Spoiler alert: The drama has followed many cast members home.

During the reunion portion of the finale, host Chris Harrison invited former happy couple Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes on stage for one of the most intense hot seat conversations in the show’s history. The pair admitted to reconnecting after the show’s end, officially establishing their boyfriend-girlfriend status, but then breaking up again earlier this summer. And the split is all but amicable.

In defense of their Bachelor BFF, twins Haley and Emily Ferguson accused Robby of cheating on Amanda before their relationship ended. They called attention to a suspicious picture of Robby getting awfully close to a different blonde while he was “on a business trip” in Colorado, Us Weekly reports. 

When confronted about his possible unfaithfulness, Robby denied the allegations and blamed the public for taking the photo out of context and twisting the truth. 

“That’s false,” he responded. “[There] were pictures of me close to a girl but I was not by any means unfaithful.” The twins kept the pressure on while Amanda, the sweetheart that she is, told Robby she believed him. “If you’re saying you didn’t, I believe you. You were there, not me,” she said. 

Amanda was all about keeping the peace until Robby began to virally attack her character. In a painfully direct retweet, the Ken doll look-alike blatantly insulted his ex, who is a mother of two.

Amanda posted a screenshot of the retweet to her own Twitter, while Robby wasn’t quite done telling his side of the story. He posted a long statement to Twitter in the early hours of Tuesday morning, once again defending himself and questioning Amanda’s “innocent persona.” 

He wrote, “While I won’t be one to resort to vicious social media attacks, at the finale, I felt like I was sitting next to a stranger. I’ll never understand why there’s such a desperate need to present an ‘innocent persona’ and resort to allowing allegations that are blatantly untrue be said about me by ‘the twins’ while one sits back and ‘unknowingly’ watches these malicious attacks continue against me. That’s not the behavior or accountability I expect from someone that ‘CLAIMS’ they care about me and was open to developing an ‘ACTUAL’ relationship.” He went on to say that he always respected Amanda and the twins, even while he received “several ongoing THREATS.” He accused his ex of playing the victim and using her friends to “place one-sided blame” and “assassinate one’s character.” 

Amanda replied to her ex’s lengthy explanation, “‘A desperate need to present an innocent persona.’ – the guy who denies cheating when there is photo proof #beamanalready.”

Amanda continued to interact with fans on her page, where she later exposed the infamous photo that sparked the cheating allegations. Quoting Taylor Swift, the fierce mama proved that she was done playing nice.

Looks pretty suspicious, right? “Social media influencer” Robby has yet to comment on this incriminating piece of evidence. 

Courtney is a Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus National and contributor to the Her Campus Marist College chapter. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, is an avid feminist and eventual professional journalist.
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