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These ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestants Keep Tweeting About the Scandal, & It’s Getting Vicious

UPDATE: In a statement, Warner Bros. Television announced that production will resume on Bachelor in Paradise after an investigation found no evidence of misconduct.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bachelor in Paradise fans may never know what actually happened to cause Warner Bros. to suspend filming on Season 4 of the show. But BIP contestants are certainly weighing in to give their version of events on social media.

Most recently, Raven Gates and Jasmine Goode have been tweeting to contradict what a source close to Corinne Olympios told Hollywood Life about the night in question. The pair exchanged a series of tweets using #facts, defending the production crew and their efforts to protect the cast.

Raven then chimed in, “And you both went to the medic. #facts”

According to Refinery29, Raven and Jasmine were even going after Twitter users who called them out on their treatment of Corinne. Raven went so far as to tell one, “You’re contributing to the culture of accusing African American men of a crime they didn’t commit.”

It looks like these two have picked sides, and they’re not about to back down from a fight.

Courtney is a Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus National and contributor to the Her Campus Marist College chapter. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, is an avid feminist and eventual professional journalist.