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There’s a Good Chance the Olsen Twins Will Join Season Two of ‘Fuller House’

Calling all Michelle Tanner fans: hope is not yet lost! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might return for the Full House spin-off after all.  

In an interview with Today, John Stamos—otherwise known as Uncle Jesse—said he still hasn’t given up on the idea: “I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show. We would love to have them. I know everyone would love to see them. I have a good feeling about it.”

The Olsen twins decided they would not be rejoining the cast when season one of the reboot was announced. In the first epsiode of the Netflix show, Danny Tanner mentions—while throwing some major shade, we might add—that Michelle is off building a name for herself in New York’s fashion industry. Not coincidentally, this explanation is oddly similar to the sisters’ real lives.

Whether or not the Olsen twins will be signing on for season two of Fuller House is still up in the air. But with Uncle Jesse on the case, we think there might be a good chance for a proper family reunion.  

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