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There’s An App That Helps You Stop Saying “Like” So Much

Like, is so, like, annoying.

Well according to the iPhone app LikeSo, it is. Ever heard of it? No? Let me enlighten you. 

Apparently, the word like, had become so, like, annoying, that someone thought it was time to create the inevitable app to help us stop saying it. In general, it’s meant to help you eliminate filler words, such as ‘like,’ ‘actually,’ ‘ya know’ and ‘I mean.’ 

According to the creators, it acts as “your personal speech coach” and trains “against the epidemic ‘like, ya know’ syndrome and other verbal habits.” Epidemic? A little extreme. No one is, like, dying.

Okay, I’ll stop.

The app helps you learn how to stop saying those filler words by either giving you a conversation prompt, or allowing you a free speech option where you talk about whatever you want. It records you, lets you know how many filler words you used, then gives you a percentage representing how “articulate” it thought you sounded. 

This app could be helpful if you feel you need to learn to filter out filler words for an important job interview or to meet your significant other’s family for the first time. Some people have that natural gift where they can adapt to their environment and the people around them, but others don’t. And whether it’s fair or not, many people still see speech peppered with “like” and “actually” as unprofessional. It’s never bad to have something to practice on when you need to. In a society where first impressions are now so important, this app could really help some of us out. 

But don’t let it make you feel bad either—The majority of millennials use those filler words from time to time. It’s practically part of our DNA.

Saina Behnejad is a current senior at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She's an international student from the UK, former Co-Director of Amnesty International at FSU and is currently the Communications Director for the Florida Coalition to Keep Guns Off Campus. She's passionate about human rights, freedom of the press and money in politics. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading novels, and watching Netflix excessively. If you want to know more, you can find her on Instagram: @saina_b and Twitter: @SainaBehnejad.
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