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\'The Marvels\' cast
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I Need Answers To ‘The Marvels’ Ending, ASAP

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Despite The Marvels’ runtime of only an hour and 45 minutes, its thrilling and fast-paced plot managed to pack in so much action. Like most Marvel movies, the ending tied up many loose ends while raising more questions at the same time, leaving the audience hungry for answers and explanations. The new film hit theaters on Nov. 10 and its conclusion has sent several fans of the franchise into a frenzy. 

In true Marvel fashion, the ending and post-credits scene left me scratching my head, and I need my questions answered ASAP.

Though certain parts of The Marvels left me dazed and confused, I still loved the action and progression in the MCU’s complex plot. The connections between the X Men and the movie’s leading trio — Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan — added many layers to the aftermath. Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for The Marvels follow.

The Marvels centered around Carol, Monica, and Kamala’s battle with Dar Benn, a Kree warrior trying to defend her home planet of Hala. Kamala, a fangirl of Carol and Monica who became a superhero herself, retrieves a quantum bangle from Dar Benn matching her own in order to take the new villain down. Carol then uses her powers as Captain Marvel to clean up the mess that she caused in Hala during the Black Vortex conflict. 

Using the quantum bangles and their collective energy, Carol and Kamala blasted Monica so she could close the wormhole and prevent further damage to the universe. Monica succeeded, but ended up getting trapped on the other side despite Carol’s efforts to save her. Kamala returned to Earth, and so did Carol after she returned Hala to its former glory.

At the end of the movie, the two seem to be waiting for Monica’s return. But a few scenes left me scratching my head, and I need these plot points addressed in a sequel ASAP. For example, there’s so many possibilities for what that meeting between Kamala and Kate Bishop could set up. 

The post-credits scene makes things a lot more complicated. After sacrificing herself, Monica wakes up in what seems to be a laboratory next to her mother, Maria, who died of cancer during the Blip caused by Thanos’ infamous snap. Monica found herself in a parallel universe, as Beast of the X-Men tried to tell her, while Maria didn’t seem to recognize Monica whatsoever. 

I hope that soon enough, we’ll learn more about where Monica actually is, what this means for the MCU, and how she returns home. They better not kill her off. 

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