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@ThatDollMo Doesn’t Need A Man To Bring Her Happiness & Neither Do You

​​In Her Campus’ series Next Question, we rapid-fire interview emerging Gen Z talent about what it’s like to rule over the internet. This month, TikTok influencer Morgan, aka @ThatDollMo, is in the hot seat to answer our burning questions.

If you visit Mo’s TikTok — which chances are, you have, considering she has over 5 million followers — you’ll notice her early aughts fashion (lots of Juicy Couture), her GWRMs, and her overall Barbie aesthetic. Or maybe you’ll notice her bio, which perfectly captures the type of content that got her to where she is today. “I love men… without the ‘n'” it reads. 

“I had never been so fed up with men until [I started on TikTok] the summer of 2020,” Mo tells Her Campus in an exclusive interview. “I’ve always thought my emotions are a little exaggerated,” but enough people online felt the same way, which led to a boom in her account. 

Since then, Mo has continued pulling content directly from her life to your FYP. She considers her success a “full circle moment” after growing up with similar influencers on different platforms. “I used to be obsessed with YouTubers when I was younger. … In middle school, I just studied social media.” 


pink isnt just a color, its a lifestyle 💅

♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua

As someone who draws a lot of inspiration from the early 2000s, it’s no surprise that Paris Hilton influences Mo’s life and online presence. TikTok has even hailed her as a Gen Z version of the Simple Life star. “I absolutely adore and love my queen Paris Hilton. She’s my main inspo from that era because she loves pink, just like me. She didn’t care, she was a girl boss,” Mo says. “Everybody likes to paint [Hilton] as a dumb blonde, and she plays that role, but at the end of the day, she’s literally the exact opposite of that. I would consider myself the same.” 


we dont like the color pink.. we LOVE it 💖💖💖 thank u @ParisHilton @Living Proof, Inc. ily <3

♬ Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version) – Paris Hilton

While Mo’s page may feel nostalgic and reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s early 2000s vibe, the 19-year-old doesn’t try to emulate anyone. (Though she “adores” Hilton, saying “everybody likes to paint [Hilton] as a dumb blonde — and she plays that role — but at the end of the day, she’s literally the exact opposite of that.”) 

Mo has learned over the years that authenticity is key. And no matter how much you want to please people, Mo has accepted “you’re going to have haters, so you might as well post what you want because it’ll attract the people that agree with you. It’s so much more fun [that way.]” 

With her platform, Mo aims to help young women like herself recognize their worth. “At the end of the day, you don’t need a man. You’re what a man needs. If he’s not treating you like the princess that you are, then you shouldn’t waste your time and energy on him,” she says. “Spending time on yourself will ultimately make your life a lot easier.”

These responses have been edited for length and clarity.

What’s your go-to coffee order? 

A sweet caramel frozen coffee. 

Everyone knows your favorite color is pink, but what’s your second favorite color? 

Sparkles. But if I had to pick a real color, I’d probably pick red because it’s the closest [to pink]. 

What are your fave skincare products at the moment? 

I’ve been obsessed with Glow Recipe – I just tried their Glow Serum and the packaging is pink. 

What’s your go-to lip gloss shade? 

Any light pink lip gloss. I’m obsessed with the Too Faced Lip Injection lip gloss. 

You recently got a chance to meet Paris Hilton in person. What 3 words would you use to describe that experience?

Sliving, surreal, and iconic. 

Which do you prefer: Velour tracksuits or mini skirts?


i live everyday like i’m paris hilton in 2004 💋💅💖 use my code “thatdollmoQ2” @ROMWE #ROMWE #ROMWEhaul #ROMWEpartner

♬ Mine – Slayyyter

Velour tracksuits. 

Since you’re TikTok’s “real-life Barbie doll,” what did you think of the 2023 Barbie movie? 

I felt like it literally captured my brain. It was everything I’ve ever wanted — the pink, the girl power, the way that [Barbie] doesn’t love Ken.  I felt like it was literally made for me. 

What brand would be your ultimate dream to collaborate with? 

Juicy Couture. 

Karly Ramnani is a junior at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, studying music industry, with a strong passion for art and journalism. They discovered this amazing community shortly after starting college, and are super stoked to a national writer for Her Campus this semester. Karly worked with Her Campus in Fall 2022 as well, as the Entertainment & Culture Editorial Intern. Other outlets they've written for include All Country News, The Honey Pop, Medium, Newsbreak, and their own startup music blog Playlists & Polaroids. They currently serve as a campus ambassador for Amazon Prime Student and Tinder. When they're not writing blogposts and music reviews, you can find them composing and performing music, putting their nose in a rom-com book, binge watching "The Summer I Turned Pretty," or crying over Taylor Swift.