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People Are Impersonating Taylor Swift’s Intros On Tour & The TikToks Are Hilarious

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour intros are going viral, and inspiring Swifties on TikTok to create their own spin on them. Some fans go full out in their videos, wearing sparkly outfits and coming up with silly storylines with their best Taylor impression.

Swifties have been going nuts over Swift’s Eras Tour performances — especially the intros. Swift is popularly known for going all out for her tours. She puts on a whole show for her fans with stellar outfits, energy-boosting choreography, and most of all, her anecdotes. Before she starts a new song, Swift builds up the excitement with a little story that may be about the song she’s about to play or whatever she’s thinking or feeling at the moment. The fans go nuts over it because they don’t not know what she might say or do next, and it keeps them on their toes for the whole performance.

One of her most iconic intros fans are recreating is the intro she did for “Teardrops On My Guitar” from the 2009 Fearless Tour. The intro is definitely a fan favorite, and it’s inspiring Swifties to create their own fun intros. Some of these intros have me on the floor with fans exaggerating their intros. It may seem like fans are making fun of the singer, but don’t be fooled — it’s supposed to be fun and lighthearted. The intros give the vibes of bad dad jokes or lame puns, but in the very best way possible.


@taylorswift this is request for Maroon May 21st in Foxborough. Love you ❤️ #parody #swiftok

♬ original sound – Lucie Lass

These parodies have Swifties tapping into their inner actor — or should I say their inner Taylor? The facial expressions, outfits, and hilarious anecdotes show how committed her fanbase truly is. Swifties are having such a blast recreating these intros, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a game for die hard fans.


The last one was pretty clean ngl 🎤 ib: @taylana42069 #taylorswift #theerastour #popmusic #comedy

♬ original sound – Chris Quazzo

There have been conversations about Swift’s intros being be too long, or feeling like they can drag on a bit, but seeing her fans recreating their own lengthy intros definitely makes up for it.

This fan’s lengthy intro for Red should win all the awards, in my opinion, because I really felt like I was in the crowd for the Eras Tour.

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