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Taylor Swift Reportedly Said No to Appearing on Karlie Kloss’s New TV Show, So True Friendship Must Be Dead

Back in the prime days of Taylor Swift’s Instagram-famous squad, it was well documented news that one of the star’s closest BFFs was model Karlie Kloss. There were hints of the two’s friendship fizzling out when Karlie’s name didn’t appear on Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” shirt alongside other friends’ names, but now there may be more truth behind the rumor. Cosmopolitan reports that Taylor has reportedly turned down an offer to appear on Karlie’s latest TV project. She wasn’t kidding about being a new Taylor, huh?

Karlie announced via Twitter this week that her shortform show Movie Night with Karlie will debut on Freeform this December. Accompanying the announcement were photos of guest stars such as Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham with Karlie.

The show is described as Karlie and her gang watching films while baking and playing games. Reports of Taylor declining a guest appearance trace back to The Blastwhich cites “scheduling issues” as the reason why she couldn’t stop by the set. Given the fact that her Reputation album drops in November, this could be a totally truthful, innocent excuse. However, after Karlie’s snub from that infamous T-shirt, Swifties may have some concerns about this news. After all, the Taylor we all know and love probably wouldn’t turn down a reason to bake, right? 

Although I hope the girls are just busy with their own careers at the moment, Karlie’s show does sound like fun. Movie Night with Karlie is scheduled to premiere on December 28. 

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.