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‘TTPD’ Was Leaked, & Swifties Are Wondering What Happened With Taylor Swift, Lucy Dacus, & This Problematic Ex

Spoiler alert: this article discusses alleged leaks from The Tortured Poets Department. Back in February, the Swifties went crazy for Taylor’s new album announcement. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting, the forthcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department, was apparently leaked. The Swifties are going wild with theories, including one involving Taylor Swift and Lucy Dacus… and Matty Healy. (We really cannot escape this man.). 

With TTPD dropping on April 19, fans are already convinced that most of the album’s content concerns her fling with Matty Healy, not Joe Alwyn. Since the release is in less than 24 hours, fans are trying to get every ounce of detail of The Tortured Poets Department. Since the release of Midnights in 2022, fans want some more insight. Especially considering Blondie’s swift (see what I did there?) romance with Matty Healy back in 2023.

Swift and Healy’s original romantic endeavors go all the way back to 2014 when she was spotted at his band’s (The 1975) concert. They amicably reconnected in January 2023, while she was still in a relationship with Joe Alwyn. In May, rumors swirled that Matty and Taylor were officially dating. However, Matty Healy is incredibly controversial, which left fans confused and disappointed. He’s faced backlash for offensive comments and messages, especially offending the Black, Jewish, and Asian communities. Let’s just say, fans were let down by the pairing. Luckily for them, Swift and Healy called things off in June 2023.

Now, in April 2024, there’s more that needs to be said about Healy and Swift, and it might concern Lucy Dacus. According to one of the (alleged) leaked lyrics in The Tortured Poet’s Department, Dacus and Swift’s longtime collaborator, Jack Antonoff, were pretty involved in her relationship with Healy. In the title track of the album, the leaked lyrics read, “Sometimes I wonder if you’re gonna screw this up with me, but you told Lucy you’d kill yourself if I ever leave / And I had said that to Jack about you so I felt seen.” Oof. 

Dacus and Healy don’t necessarily have the best relationship, despite his friendship with fellow Boygenius member Phoebe Bridgers. Last year, in 2023, Healy tweeted “I told Lucy Dacus that Boygenius had inspired me and George to start a new band called ‘Girlretard.’ I don’t hear from her that often.” After Dacus replied, “You don’t hear from me at all,” Healy deactivated his account. The Swifties have continued to dissect additional lyrics from the alleged Tortured Poets Department leak, which they believe are all about Healy. 

Anyways, after this leak, the Swifties can’t help but freak out about Swift’s relationship with Lucy Dacus. It’s safe to say people are confused. 

Some fans, though, are heated.

Things are going to get pretty interesting, I fear.

All of this to say, Blondie has got major explaining to do.

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