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Taylor Swift Just Revealed the Name & Release Date of TS7, & OMG

This is it, you guys – we made it to the end of the informational drought (and it was the very worst). All of our Easter egg hunting has prepared us for this moment, and it’s finally here. This is not a drill! Taylor Swift went live on Instagram on June 13, spilling so much tea on TS7 that, after these past few weeks reaching (there were five holes in the fence!) I can hardly believe she’d give us so much all at once. But oh, did she. We’ve got a select few theory confirmations, we’ve got a name and we’ve got a release date. Make sure you’re sitting down, cause this is going to be good. 

Taylor revealed that her 7th studio album, titled Lover, will be dropping on August 23. It features 18 tracks, making it the longest album she’s released thus far. The second single of the album, You Need to Calm Down, drops at midnight on June 14, with the single’s music video premiering during Good Morning America on Monday, June 17.

The release of this album will also see a return of the Target exclusive deluxe editions – four of them, in fact. I only have three dollars but please, please take all of my money. Each deluxe version comes with a physical CD, which includes the audio memos from the songwriting sessions for two of the songs on the album, a version-specific poster and version-specific content collections curated by Taylor. They also come with a lyric book and lined journal pages. For the penny-pinchers like me, if you order all four of them together you’ll get a $5 Target gift card to add to your collection of gift cards you’re saving for a special purchase, like this one. And, of course, you’ll save five percent if you put them on your Red Card (#notanad. Seriously, I just love Target).

That’s all the exclusive content for me, and copies of the CD for the entire household! 


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